Volunteers Needed: Design & Create Santa Clara City Seed Display for the 2018 County Fair!

Santa Clara City has been fortunate to have wonderful volunteers create our community seed display for the county fair in recent years, however they are ready to pass the torch on this year! We are reaching out to the community in hopes that there are some new individuals, groups or businesses that might be interested in taking on the seed display project to represent Santa Clara City at this year’s county fair. The fair dates are August 8-11, 2018 and this year’s fair theme is “Pirates of the Fairibbean”! The displays are always one of the fun attractions at the fair and a special way to let others know about our community. If you are not familiar with what a seed display is you can visit the Town Hall building and see several past entries on display. To learn more you can also contact the county fair coordinator for the community displays: Pam Gubler at 435-668-4838 or email pgubler04@hotmail.com or visit their website at washcofair.net/

If you are interested in volunteering please call the city office at 673-6712 Ext 201. We hope there are some creative volunteers out there that will heed the call!

Check out the photos below of our previous years seed displays!