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We believe that the most successful economic development strategies for older and historic downtown areas are ones that:

  • Build on the city’s existing strengths and strategic advantages
  • Reflect both market demand and consumer desire
  • Reflect the community’s personality

Based on these beliefs we have defined three major market development strategies for Santa Clara City:

  1. Strengthening downtown Santa Clara’s role as a neighborhood-serving commercial center that provides basic goods and services to the people who live and work in and near the area.
  2. Making downtown Santa Clara into a vibrant arts, cultural and entertainment district.
  3. Cultivating several clusters of specialty businesses in downtown area that offer products and services unique within the community and region.

This report outlines the major actions that have been recommend in order to help the organizations, agencies, businesses, civic groups, property owners and others active in the city’s development and management successfully pursue these three market development strategies.

General Development Plan is currently in review and will be available soon at the Town Hall Administrative Services Department.