Santa Clara City Request for Inspection Software Bids

The City of Santa Clara is accepting bid proposals from interested parties to provide Inspection Software for the Building and Zoning Department as well as the Public Services Department. The City is looking for a three-year agreement with possibility to extend at end of each year. The City is on a Fiscal Year (FY) calendar beginning on July 1, and ending June 30 of each year. For additional information please call Corey Bundy at 435-673-6712 Ext. 216; or email

For consideration, estimated fees and a completed inspection software list (provided by the City) need to be submitted in a closed envelope to Chris Shelley, City Recorder, Santa Clara City, 2603 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara City, Utah 54765 before 5 PM on Tuesday June 13th, 2018; all bids shall be opened at 10 AM on Wednesday June 13th. All Applicants shall be notified of selection prior to 10 AM on Thursday June 14th.