Santa Clara Sun

October Issue

Volume 20, Issue 10

October 2018 Mayor’s Message

Thanks to the Swiss Days Committee and the City Staff for their efforts and work to deliver another great Swiss Days celebration this year. I am constantly amazed at the dedication and professionalism of the people behind the scene at the event. Without their hard work, residents and visitors alike would not be able to enjoy this annual celebration of our community heritage. Thanks also to the SCI Public Safety and Fire Departments for their assistance and maintaining the peace during the event.

Speaking of the Fire Department, Chief Dan Nelson has announced his resignation effective October 10th. Dan’s wife landed her dream job near Twin Falls, Idaho and the family has wanted to live in the area for several years. Dan has done a tremendous job with the fire department for many years and will be sorely missed. His dedication to serving residents of this community is unparalleled. Deputy Chief Randy Hancey will be taking over interim Chief duties for the time being. Randy was the Ivins Fire Chief for several years before the two departments combined. We wish Dan and his family the best as they begin this new adventure in their lives.

I think September should be renamed National Disaster Month. Last September, residents of Texas and Florida were struggling to recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Millions of people were trying to re-cover from two of the most damaging natural disasters in our nation’s history. This year we are watching Hurricane Florence plunder the Carolinas. Lives have been lost and thousands of homes have been dam-aged, many completely destroyed by the relentless wind, overwhelming rain and resulting storm surge and flooding. Many of you have reached out to support residents via donations to assist with the recovery efforts. Thank you for your humanitarian service on behalf of those in need.

A little closer to home, residents in Elk Ridge and Mapleton have been evacuated from their homes as the Pole Creek Fire ravages the mountain forest in south Utah County. Soon their attention will turn to the increased flood risk from mountain drainages and the treat of tons of fire debris and sediment flowing into the City potentially damaging homes, farms and infrastructure. Watching these disasters ravage these small communities, rural areas and neighborhoods, I’m constantly reminded of our flood event of September 11, 2012. I still think about it every time it rains.

These events should remind us all how important it is for residents to be prepared for potential natural disasters which can happen at any time, to anyone. No one is exempt from these risks. Local government resources necessary to respond to events of this magnitude are always going to be limited. It’s going to take time, maybe even days, for assistance to be available. I’ll remind you again to be prepared to help yourselves. It’s important for all of us to set aside the resources needed and develop home emergency plans to allow you to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours to preserve life and protect property during the initial emergency response period. If you still need to complete this important step to keep your family safe, please start the process today. The next natural disaster could be just around the corner.

Enjoy the cooler temperatures and remember to stay safe Santa Clara.

Mayor Rick Rosenberg ( or

The Fall Burn Window opened Sept. 15 and goes thru Nov. 15. For permission to burn please call Burn Control at 435-627-4949 or go to the city website,, and find the link under the Fire Department. Fires must be attended to until they are completely extinguished. Make sure to have a hose or other extinguishing equipment at the burn site. All burning must take place during day-light hours. Keep the burn season safe by calling Burn Control first. Thank you.

A cross connection is defined as any actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any other source or system through which it is possible to introduce into the public drinking water system any used water, industrial fluid, gas or substance other than the intended potable water. Cross connections and backflow incidences in the state of Utah have resulted in dangerous highly contaminated water unexpectedly entering public drinking water systems. Irrigation water, oil, toxic boiler compounds, sewage, pesticides and other extremely dangerous contaminants have found their way into Utah public drinking water systems due to cross connections.

With residential access to pressurized irrigation in the valley comes a risk of homeowners cross connecting the irrigation system with the culinary water system. If done improperly the result could contaminate the entire drinking water system. Please have an inspection done by the Santa Clara Field Canal Company before doing so.

Backflow prevention assemblies provide protection against contamination or pollution of the public drinking water system. A backflow incident can seriously affect the quality and safety of our drinking water system. Backflow is the reverse flow of contaminated water or other substances from a water users system back into the public drinking water system. Backflow can occur if your plumbing system is physically connected to any source of contamination or pollution as simple as landscape sprinklers, hose attachments for utility sinks and garden hoses.

For questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Department at 435-656-4690.

The County Clerk’s Office has made a change in how registered voters will cast their ballots beginning with this November’s General Election. Washington County will be conducting its elections mainly by mail. Ballots will be sent out to registered voters 3 weeks before election day; in addition the county will have 6 to 7 vote centers available on election day from 7am to 8pm.

Learn more about voting by mail and other voter information at where you can view sample ballots, find precinct information, candidate information, voter registration information and deadlines, and polling places.

The County Clerk’s Office is located at 197 East Tabernacle in St. George. Phone # 435-634-5712.

Because regulators and authorities cannot monitor all storm drains and water bodies at once, they rely on the public to keep them informed of water polluters. Community hotlines provide a means for concerned citizens and agencies to contact the appropriate authority when they see water quality problems. To report spills, dumping emergencies, violations or suspicious activities please call the DCSWC Hot Line at 435-634-5730 or (435)-673-6712, the main City phone number and after hours number. In most cases an investigator will visit and assess the problem site.


The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at risk groups in the household. Residents who wish to apply for assistance should call 435-652-9643 to schedule an appointment. The H.E.A.T. office is located at 168 N. 100 E. Ste. 255, St. George, UT 84770.

The Southwest Utah Public Health Department will hold a Flu Shot Clinic in the Santa Clara Town Hall Banquet Room on Wednesday October 17, 2018 from 9:00 am—11:00 am.

Flu shots are $20. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card; no charge with proof of the following insurances: Adult Medicaid, Medicare, (some HMO’s), Aetna, DMBA, Educators Mutual, Healthy Premier, PEHP, SelectHealth, Tall Tree, and United Healthcare.

Wear a short sleeve shirt to receive your vaccine more easily. You can visit to download a vaccine consent form to fill out and bring to the clinic or there will be forms available at the clinic. For other vaccine information please call 435-673-3528 or stop by the Health Department at 620 South 400 East #400, St. George, UT.

Fall cleanup in the City Cemetery will begin Mon-day November 5, 2018—the first Monday in November. Please make sure all flowers, decorations, shepherd hooks and other items are re-moved from the cemetery before Nov. 5th. Remaining items will be removed by city personnel, with the exception of new burials. Flowers and decorations can be returned to the cemetery on Friday Nov. 9th in time for Veteran’s Day remembrances on Nov. 11th.

Regular cemetery cleanups begin on the first Monday of February, May and November. Thank you for helping to keep the cemetery a beautiful place of remembrance.


Another Swiss Days has come and gone and as always we must acknowledge the great volunteers and staff that help make Swiss Days such a fun and loved event. It requires many hours of planning and preparation throughout the year to assure we will have a great event. Special thanks once again this year to our coordinators, Brooke Ence and Lainee Frei, for all their special efforts, vision and leadership, and helping to move Swiss Days forward while still keeping it a fun, family event. They have enlisted many other great volunteers to help with specific activities and they all do a fantastic job. City staff also put their best efforts into making sure the event site is ready and maintained through out the event. They are the backbone of the event, making sure everything runs smoothly.
We must also thank all of the wonderful sponsors who help to make Swiss Days possible year after year. We are fortunate to have many longtime sponsors who have supported Swiss Days for years and great new sponsors who have joined in to help as well. We hope you will thank these sponsors by supporting their businesses. Please watch for the listing all of our great 2018 sponsors in the November newsletter.



We all know to change our smoke detector batteries once a year when daylight savings time ends in the fall. This keeps your smoke detectors work-ing and keeps the annoying chirp of a failing smoke detector battery from keeping you awake at night. However, more important, by keeping your smoke detectors working you may save you and your family’s lives.

• Three out of five home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke detectors
• The risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke detectors

The National Fire and Protection Association (NFPA) recommends replacing smoke detectors every ten years. After ten years of hanging out on your ceiling, smoke detectors are worn out and not as effective. So what do you do, there is a new generation of smoke detectors that come with ten-year lithium batteries. They are direct replacements for the standalone, wired, and combination carbon monoxide/smoke detectors that are in your home now.

I compared prices and found the new smoke detectors with ten-year batteries look very similar to older ones and cost from $14 to $49 in St George. Imagine no more standing on ladders and buying expensive replacement batteries each year. After ten years when the battery does fail, and the detector begins to chirp, the new detectors have a nuisance button to silence the chirp for 10 hours so you can get some sleep. Moreover, after ten years, these new detectors will have done their job and will need replacing.

Smoke detectors need to be placed on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas such as in hallways. You also need to press the button on the bottom of each smoke detector to see if it alarms at least once a year. Remember properly placed working smoke detectors give occupants an early warning and greater chance of escaping a deadly blaze. They save lives.

Your current smoke detectors are probably still good but don’t forget to change the batteries. Moreover, when it is time to change detectors, check in to the new smoke detectors with ten-year batteries.

Local Business Highlights

 Acoustic Brilliance Inc by Matthew & Janessa Langston at 435-619-4113
 AKA Embroidery by Angie Langston at 229-9653
 A-Team Computer Services by Gary Allred at 435-313-0705
 basalt Massage by Elizabeth Hench at 916-521-8104
 Big West Cleaning and Restoration by Jason Lindsey at 435-632-9187
 Bliss Weddings & Rentals by Debbie at 435-632-1618
 Brooks Window Design by Benita Brooks at 628-2768
 Building Concepts of Southern Utah by Brent Andersen at 668-6300
 Café Rio Mexican Grill 3540 Pioneer Pkwy #109 at 435-628-2440
 Classy Lawn & Yard Care by Shane Waegerle at 862-7762
 Clover Patch Quilt Shop by Jill Muhlestein at 435-986-9070
 Class Act Consignments by Jackie Zapf at 435-218-3835
 Colorful Kids Creative Academy by Susan Ursomarso at 808-482-4826
 Colour Salon & Boutique by Heather Bangerter at 801-602-6715
 Cut & Dried Home Hair Salon by Madelyn Derrick at 652-8491
 Dazzle Jewelry Creations by Jane Garassino at 707-486-1754
 DCW Enterprises iPRO Realty agent Chris Warhurst at 435-313-5623
 Delyn Norling Manual Therapist at 668-7384
 Desert Edge Childcare LLC by A. Talbot at 429-9963
 Desert Edge Montessori by A. Talbot at 272-3711
 Desert Grill (at Lightfoots) by Janet Medina at 435-359-3796
 Dharma Wheels Cyclery & Dental Office by Jon Kolon at 435-615-6819
 Dominos Pizza Delivery & Take Out by Randy Snow at 688-8885
 Don’s Remodeling Handyman by Don Crothers at 688-2709
 Doug’s Master Auto Care by Douglas Lefler at 673-6622
 Dutchman’s/Cravings by Nick Frei at 628-8482
 Eagle Creek Landscapes by Darrin Heinz at 435-229-7725
 Fisher Lawn & Yard Care by Bart Fisher at 862-7457
 Fusion Specialty Pharmacy by Koby Taylor R. Ph., Pharm D. at 435-703-9680
 Garden Sprout by Lance Allred at 673-3839
 Harmons Grocery Store 3520 Pioneer Parkway at 435-773-6200
 Janet Morgan, Realtor by Janet Morgan at 435-669-6471
 Kaili’s Restaurant by Herb & Wendy Basso at 435-216-9828

 Kiwi Plumbing & Heating by Michael Puriri at 435-256-0114
 Lamy’s Mexican Grill by Lamberto Ortiz at 2235 Santa Lara Drive
 Landscape Maintenance by Belmont Gardening at 628-2013
 Lark’s Nest Baking by Lark Taylor at 669-5304
 Learning Time for Little Minds Preschool by MaryAnn Bryner at 313-8182
 Lightfoots Chevron , CBR Enterprises by Brad & Cindy Pollman 216-2789
 Little Patch of Heaven Montessori Preschool by Janae Huntington at 632-9372
 Maya’s Luxury Nail Salon by Sarah Stinson at 435-359-3528
 Mobile Notary Service by Jeri Sue Stewart at 619-2262
 Moore N More Popcorn by Dianna Moore at 435-680-3820
 Mountain America Credit Union 3582 Pioneer Pkwy at 435-674-3856
 Mr. Honey Do Service by Marshall Dick at 669-0870
 O’Gallagher’s Exclusive Barbering by Timothy Gallagher at 801-830-0019
 Pest Control by Viking Pest Control at 435-272-4129
 Photos by Richelle by Richelle Nelson at 632-5544
 Red River Health & Wellness Chiropractic at 435-767-9355
 Robert Austin Tile by Robert Austin at 435-272-4186
 Rose Restoration by Michael Rose at 673-8006
 RV/Business Storage by Bruce Belmont at 628-2013
 Shining Star Preschool by Trudy Carlson at 669-6461
 Smarty Pants Preschool by Amy Call at 435-632-7803
 Strain Landscaping by Craig Strain at 668-9150
 Super Star Preschool by Debra Gourley at 656-1647
 The DOG HAUS dog grooming by Leslie Stock at 928-846-1184
 The Knitting Post (knitting/yarn store) by Barbie Williams at 435-610-1488
 Uncle & Auntie’s Gift Shop Vicki Lasswell 634-9416
 Vamp Body Art, LLC by Adam at 435-531-2159
 Wilde Electric, Inc. by Terry Wilde at 632-7297
 Woof! Wellness Center by Anita Delelles at 435-275-4536
 Yoga Etc Yoga & Acupuncture by Kathleen Dietz at 707-326-4818

Santa Clara City Contact Phone Numbers

SANTA CLARA CITY ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: Phone 673-6712, Fax 628-7338 (City Manager, Finance Officer, Recorder/Court Clerk, Treasur-er/Utilities, Business Licenses, Dog Licenses, Cemetery, Banquet Hall Reservations, General Information)
SANTA CLARA CITY PUBLIC SERVICES: Phone 656-4690 X 213, Fax 879-5298 (Public Services :Streets, Sidewalks, Water, Sewer, Power)
SANTA CLARA CITY PARKS & TRAILS: Phone 656-4690 X 219 & 221, Fax 879-5298
SANTA CLARA CITY PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICE: 652-1122 or 673-6712 X 240 & 241
PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCH: 634-5730 (for any non-emergency call) EMERGENCY CALL: 911
SANTA CLARA CITY ANIMAL CONTROL: 435-634-5730 to dispatch Animal Control Officer. Animal Shelter: 628-1049
Follow us on: Facebook at Instagram at City Website at

Santa Clara City Monthly Meeting Schedule


Mayor & City Council Contact Information


Samuel R Knight Santa Clara History Museum Hours

Monday Evening: 5:30-7:30 PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 1:00—4:00 PM
By appointment call: 435.897.5297 & leave a message or call
Sherri at 435.632.7040 or Vicki at 435.668.8119
The museum located in the Town Hall basement.
Visits available by appointment: 435-879-5297 or 632-7040
Follow the

Follow the Santa Clara Royalty on their Instagram link: @santaclaracityroyalty
Follow and learn more about the new 2018-2019 royalty and where and how they will be representing our city in the upcoming months. Princess: Aleah Horton, 1st Attendant: Ambrie White, 2nd Attendant: Raegan Gines

Pet Corner


Bailee Sleppy, SCI Animal Control & Animal Shelter

A friendly reminder to all City resident dog owners that you must have your dogs on a leash within city limits; this includes walk-ing trails. You are required to pick up after your animal when out of your yard. These things are stated in city codes and failure to do so can result in a cita-tion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Animal Control Officers for more details. Have a great month!!

Shelter Manager Bailey Sleppy Shelter Phone #: 435-628-1049

INKAS (Ivins No-Kill Animal Supporters) A 501©3 Nonprofit Organization Follow us on Facebook
Lois Hewitt-President 435-414-4802

Ivins animal Shelter and Adoption Center
Phone: 435-628-1049
474 North 200 West, Ivins
Hours: Monday –Saturday 8:00 am-3:00 pm
Sara Dupre-Secretary: 206-724-5902

Welcome to beautiful, cooler October, our reward for surviving the heat of summer! October is also INKAS annual yard sale! INKAS yard sale is a fundraiser show-casing generous donations that have been collected over the past months. Please stop by and join us on Friday and Saturday, October 19th and 20th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 359 South Puerto Drive in Ivins. It’s a lot of fun finding new treasures or just something you never knew you wanted! All money raised goes directly towards helping the homeless pets and animals of Ivins and Santa Clara. Thank you for sup-porting INKAS and our mission!

If you’re out celebrating Halloween with family and friends what could be more enjoyable than stopping by the Ivins City Animal Shelter for candy and to visit the pets waiting for a home to share! Panther, a black kitten, and Smith, an adult black cat, would love nothing more than to be your Halloween treat and be chosen to go to a forever, loving home!

Visit all the kittens, cats and dogs in the Ivins shelter on