February 2, 2022

City Council Work Meeting

February 3, 2022

Technical Review Committee Meeting

February 9, 2022

City Council Meeting

February 10, 2022

Planning Commission (Public Hearing)

Technical Review Committee Meeting

February 17, 2022

Technical Review Committee Meeting

February 21, 2022

Presidents Day Observance – Office Closed

February 23, 2022

City Council Meeting

February 24, 2022 

Technical Review Committee Meeting

Business License Renewals

Business license renewals were due by January 31, 2022. Please renew now if you have not already done so. A $25.00 fee will be applied to all late renewals. Please make sure your Department of Commerce entity registration and all State licenses required are current and provided with your renewal. Childcare, preschools, and commercial businesses must have an annual fire safety inspection completed. To schedule the first safety inspection, please call 435-656-0805 or 435-673-6712 Ext. 330. For business license questions, please call 435-673-6712 Ext. 201.

Dog License Renewals

2022 Dog Licenses are available at the Town Hall office. Proof of your dog’s current rabies vaccination is required for licensing. License fees are as follows:

1st Dog Fixed: $10.00 Not Fixed: $20.00

2nd Dog Fixed: $12.00 Not Fixed: $22.00

City ordinance requires dogs to be licensed annually. The dog license and rabies vaccination tag should be worn on your dogs collar. If found, the city tag makes it easy to identify the owner. Please call 435-673-6712 to pay the license fee and be mailed the tag. Late fees apply after February 28, 2022.

Water Conservation

We live in one of the driest and fastest growing areas of the state and have a limited water supply. But thanks to you, our community members, we are making every drop count. Last year, we saved more than 400 million gallons of water despite a 5% increase in population… now that’s love! Let’s save even more in 2022! The following are easy ways to save:


  • Follow the seasonal water schedule
  • Don’t irrigate on rainy or windy days
  • Limit grass to functional areas
  • Use water-efficient plants
  • Replace or repair leaking irrigation equipment


  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or shaving
  • Shorten showers
  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Fix indoor leaks like running toilets
  • Use a plugged sink when hand washing dishes

WCSW Rate Increase

Washington County Solid Waste board recently approved new rate increases that directly impact the utility customers of Santa Clara. These increases are to address raising costs and to help cover infrastructure improvements at the landfill. The new residential garbage rates has gone up $0.79 from $12.45 to $13.24. The new BluCan recycling rate has gone up $0.14 from $5.84 to $5.98. If you have questions, please call Washington County Solid Waste District 435-673-2813.

Transportation Expo

The annual Dixie Regional Transporation Expo will be held on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at the Dixie Convention Center from 11:00-7:00. The Expo is a great opportunity to learn more as well as provide input about what improvements are planned for the area.

Winter Cemetery Clean Up

Winter Cemetery clean up will begin on Monday February 7, 2022. All flowers and decorations of any kind should be removed from the cemetery before this date. Remaining flowers and decorations will be removed and disposed of, with the exception of new burials. Flowers and decorations can be returned to the cemetery on Friday February 11, 2022. Thank you for helping to keep the cemetery a beautiful place of rememberance. For Cemetery information please call 435-656-4690 Ext. 219.

Clean Up Dumpsters

Clean up dumpsters are scheduled for March 4-5, June 3-4, September 9-10, and December 2-3. Watch for notices in our newsletters, social media, and the city website for details.

Power Cost Adjustment

On your next utility bill, you may notice a seperate line item – “Power Cost Adjustment”. The City Council recently approved the Power Cost Adjustment as a tool to protect both the customers and the city from fluctuating power supply costs. If power supply costs increase or decrease, the customers bill will be adjusted accordingly. The adjustments will be based on a six month rolling average and implemented monthly. For more information on Power Rates and Power Cost Adjustment, visit our website: https://sccity.org/city-power/rates/. If you have any questions, please call 435-656-4690 Ext. or email contact@sccity.org.

Learn CPR with Santa Clara-Ivins Fire Rescue

Open to the public! Heartsaver CPR is designed for those people who are NOT working in the healthcare field. This class will teach you how to recognize cardiac arrest and begin immediate life saving measures. Through video-mediated and instructor-led training and hands-on skills you will learn:

  • Adult CPR & AED use
  • Adult choking
  • Child CPR & AED use
  • Child choking
  • Infant CPR
  • Infant choking

The cost for this class is $50.00 and will be held on February 8, 2022 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm at the Rachel Fire Station (2365 Rachel Drive). To register, email ctaschuk@sccity.org. Payment is required at the beginning of class (cash or check only). Registration is required by February 7, 2022.

Little League Registration

Snow Canyon Little League registration for softball and baseball is open January 12 – February 15, 2022. Register online at www.snowcanyonlittleleague.com.

Blue Stakes of Utah

Please call Blue Stakes at least 48 hours before you begin any major digging project. This will allow time for all utility companies to be notified to locate and mark the utility lines on your property before digging begins. Be safe, call Blue Stakes first at 1-800-662-4111.

H.E.A.T. Program

The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at risk groups in the household. Residents who wish to apply for assistance may call 435-652-9643 to schedule an appointment. For more information visit: fivecountycap.org/heat.