Santa Clara Sun

July Issue

Volume 18, Issue 7

Message from Mayor Rosenberg

A major benefit to living in Dixie is the quality medical services available to residents. You have probably noticed Dixie Regional Medical Center is undergoing some significant changes with the addition of multiple buildings and some internal remodeling at the River Road Campus. Construction will take place over the next two years with completion slated for late 2018. The construction consists of two main components: the Dixie Consolidation/Expansion Project and the Precision Medicine Project. The consolidation project includes the relocation of all acute care services from the 400 East Campus to the River Road Campus along with expansion of key growing areas including inpatient beds, operating rooms, observation beds, and ancillary services. This project will add 400,000 SF to the hospital campus through the addition of a Women and Infants’ tower, an inpatient tower, and diagnostic and treatment expansion. The Precision Medicine Project consists of a new 118,000 SF building on the east side of the campus that will include all cancer services, genomics, and research and development. These projects will enable Intermountain to address the growing needs of the community. Terri Kane and her staff do a great job meeting the needs of the community at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

Plans for the annual Swiss Days Celebration scheduled for September 22th-24th are nearly complete, so mark your calendars and get the family ready for a good time. Swiss Days has experienced continual growth and the City is making additional changes this year to improve services for the venue near Town Hall. Property across the street from Town Hall was recently purchased by the City and the ½ acre site is currently being landscaped and will be used for the vendor booths during Swiss Days. More entertainment options are being planned this year as well.

The City Council will begin the process of reviewing the City General Plan for the South Hills and Downtown areas in July. There have been several well attended planning commission and city council meetings lately concerning proposed development in the South Hills and the impacts to the downtown area. These two areas are connected by the increasing impacts of tourism and recreational use in the South Hills and the resulting impacts to existing downtown commercial uses and adjacent residential neighborhoods. The Santa Clara Valley is at a cross-roads and change is coming. Residents can have a voice in how the change is managed by getting educated and being involved in the General Plan process. Get engaged so you understand land use regulations and the important property rights issues at stake.

A special thank you to Charlie Clayton for his tireless efforts identifying veterans buried in the Santa Clara Cemetery, and putting the American flags at each veteran burial plot over the Memo-rial Day weekend. Work continues on the design of a new Veterans Memorial near the Cemetery and renderings will be available soon for review by the public. Fundraising opportunities are cur-rently available for the memorial. Thanks also to the many volunteer Boy Scout Leaders and Scouts for putting the American flags on neighborhood streets in the City on holidays throughout the year. I particularly enjoy driving through the City on those days. This really is a great place to live.

Have a great summer and stay safe Santa Clara.
Mayor Rick Rosenberg (

Swiss Days 2016

Swiss Days is Sept. 22-24 and we hope all our residents will plan to participate by either attending, volunteering or taking part in a specific event.

Event forms and applications are available on the city website at or at the Town Hall office including Arts, Crafts and Food Vendor Application, Parade Application, 5K Fun Run Application, Swiss Miss/Mister registration, Pie Baking Contest entry, and Sponsorship opportunities.

Cut out cows are available for purchase and a fun way to represent your family or business during September. Join the herd this year!

There are lots of ways to take part in this fun, family event. We hope you will save the dates and join the festivities Sept 22-24th!

2016 Swiss Days Highlights

  • Theme: “The Cowboy Way of Life”
  • Entertainment: Eric Dodge Concert-Friday Night + more great continuous entertainment throughout the event.
  • Parade: Best in the county! Great floats, school bands, family entries and more!
  • Shopping: Vendor Booths new location on grass lot across from Town Hall
  • Kids Games: Located on Santa Clara Drive; traditional kids games and fun activities and attractions for older youth! Flipper Shoot for the young at heart!
  • Pioneer Hands-On Activities for children—Mayor’s Walk—Swiss Miss/Mister Presentation
  • History Displays—Silent Auction in the Town Hall Banquet Room
  • Community Dinner Thursday night—Community Breakfast Sat. morning—Food Vendors on Heights Drive and SE corner of Town Hall grounds. Plan to join in the fun September 22-24, 2016!

Firework Safety Reminders

Independence Day and Pioneer Day fireworks season is at hand. Approved fireworks may only be discharged 3 days prior to the holiday, the day of the holiday, and 3 days after the holiday. Fireworks can be discharged between the hours of 11:00 a.m. &11:00 p.m.; except on July 4th and 24th the hours are extended to midnight.

Fireworks should only be discharged outdoors and never under windy conditions. Make sure you have a bucket of water or a running hose nearby to extinguish fireworks if necessary. Make sure small children do not handle fireworks and that older youth have adult supervision. Please use caution around animals and respect the rights of others when discharging fireworks.

See the Fireworks Zone Map on the city website at to see where fireworks may be discharged—incorporated, developed areas only. Watch for and abide by any special fireworks restrictions that may be put in to place due to dry, dangerous conditions. Celebrate safely!

Fire Safety and Awareness Tips

Smoke alarms should be placed on every level of your home and outside each sleeping area. Put a smoke alarm inside every bedroom. Make sure smoke alarms work. Test alarms by pushing test button, you should hear a loud noise; if you don’t replace the alarm battery. Put a new battery in your alarms every year. Replace alarms about every 10 years.

Talk to your family about what to do if they hear a smoke alarm go off—make an escape plan so everyone knows how to get out fast and pick a meeting place outside the home where everyone will meet. Practice your escape plan with your family at least two times a year. Consider installing home fire sprinklers in your home.

Portable heaters need space, keep things that can burn at least 3 feet away. For more fire safety and prevention information contact the Building Dept. at 656-4690 X 215 or 216.

WCWCD Free Water Checks

Free water system checks are available by the Washington County Water Conservancy District. The program runs between May 15—Sep 30th. The water check gives you a customized irrigation schedule, identifies your soil type, and suggests ways to efficiently water your landscape. The program helps you to have an attractive landscape while saving water, which is good for our water supply and for your water bill! To request a free water check call 673-3617. Visit the WCWCD website for more information on water conservation programs, rebates and other helpful information. Their website is

Animal Control Reminder

Animal control would like residents to remember the city ordinance states it is unlawful for the owner or custodian of any animal to allow such animal to run at large. This means we should not let our pets, most often our dogs, run at large. If you are walking your dog it should be on a leash. The owner or person charged with responsibility of an animal at large shall be liable for violation of the ordinance. For more information about the Animal Ordinance please see the City website at, then go to the Government drop down bar and then Municipal Codes and Ordinances. Look for Title 6-Animals. The section dealing with animals at large is 6.05.020. Your dogs should also be licensed annually with the city and be current on their rabies vaccination. Animal Control appreciates your help in being responsible for your pet, respecting others rights and taking care of your pet.

Days of 47 Dixie Celebration

Days of 47 Dixie organizers cordially invites any and all to join in their expanded celebration on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 at the Washington City Veteran’s and Nisson parks.
The Days of Dixie 47 special event this year is the Osmond Family program. It will be free to the public, held on Friday and Saturday nights, July 22nd and July 23rd. For details check the event website at

Parks Update

The City of Santa Clara wishes to thank the Dixie State University Biology Classes for their hard work in the City’s Arboretum. The classes repaired the Tuacahn Wash wooden bridge by placing lava stone gravel at the bridges approaches making the area safe for visitors. In addition, the classes built a new 150’ bypass trail where the previous trail had been washed out from floods. Students also tested and repaired irrigation systems and planted new plants on the Cactus Garden trail. Thank you for your service.

The Gubler Park expansion located west of the Lava Ridge Intermediate school is near completion. The 6 pickleball courts are open to the public every day from sunrise to 11 PM. The restrooms are waiting for a few final touches but will be open very soon. We will complete the additional landscape around the perimeter and courts this summer. The new addition can be accessed from the unpaved Jacob Drive entrance to Gubler Park and parking is located on the south side of the wash. Patrons may also park in the Paradise Village at Zions RV parking lot that can be accessed through Old North Town Road.

If you have questions or concerns about our City Parks, Trails, or Cemetery, please call or email. I welcome your feedback. If you would like to provide service in the City’s Arboretum or Parks, please contact Brad Hays at or telephone 435-673-6712 Ext. 221.

Local Business Highlights

The post flood years have been a tremendous experience for us at Dutchman’s & Cravings. Who knew, that with the help of our fabulous, service minded community the store would not only be up and running again but it would be better than ever. People from all over the country now stop by our place in search of the original pink sugar cookie they have heard so much about. They leave the store with dozens of frozen cookies hoping they will make the long journey home. This little pink cookie has been on TV, newspapers and written about in multiple blogs and publications. Our fantastic bakers take great pride in making all of our yummy cookies.

We haven’t forgotten why 29 years later this little business of ours is still around. We are so grateful to have some of the best and most loyal customers we could ever imagine. You have been with us through thick and thin and for this we say THANK YOU. For those of you who are new to the area we hope you will stop by and grab a bite to eat at our café and for dessert try the delicious cookies that have put our little store on the map.
Please support all of our businesses here in Santa Clara City.

 AKA Embroidery by Angie Langston at 229-9653
 Alternative Power Systems, Inc by Stewart Somerville at 435-691-2020
 Big West Cleaning and Restoration by Jason Lindsey at 435-632-9187
 Bliss Weddings & Rentals by Debbie at 435-632-1618
 Brooks Window Design by Benita Brooks at 628-2768
 Building Concepts of Southern Utah by Brent Andersen at 668-6300
 Campbell’s 24/7 Sewer & Drain Services by Tom Campbell at 414-5350
 Classy Lawn & Yard Care by Shane Waegerle at 862-7762
 Choppers Yard Care by Brandon Pectol at 862-2089
 Cut & Dried Home Hair Salon by Madelyn Derrick at 652-8491
 Desert Edge Montessori by Analee Talbot at 272-3711
 Dharma Wheels Cyclery by Jon Kolon at 435-615-6819
 Dominos Pizza Delivery & Take Out by Randy Snow at 688-8885
 Don’s Remodeling Handyman by Don Crothers at 688-2709
 Doug’s Master Auto Care by Douglas Lefler at 673-6622
 Dutchman’s/Cravings by Nick Frei at 628-8482
 Eagle Creek Landscapes by Darrin Heinz at 627-8058
 Entre, Inc. Garage Door Repair by Ed Gray at 680-6699
 Fire and Safety Distribution Co. by Kenneth Kvenvold at 435-272-7039
 Fisher Lawn & Yard Care by Bart Fisher at 862-7457
 Fusion Specialty Pharmacy by Travis Jackman R. Ph., Pharm. D. and
 Koby Taylor R. Ph., Pharm D. at 435-703-9680
 Garden Sprout by Lance Allred at 673-3839
 Ivory Pet Care by Mary Ellen Call at 668-2433
 Jon Kolon DDS – Dental Office – 435-615-6819
 Kaili’s Restaurant by Herb & Wendy Basso at 435-216-9828
 Kevin Lee Construction by Kevin Lee at 680-9858
 Kiwi Plumbing & Heating by Michael Puriri at 435-256-0114
 Landscape Maintenance by Belmont Gardening at 628-2013
 Lightfoots Chevron , CBR Enterprises by Brad & Cindy Pollman 216-2789

 Little Patch of Heaven Montessori Preschool by Janae Huntington at 632-9372
 Maids of Honor Cleaning Service by Kristine Romine at 862-8417
 Delyn Norling Manual Therapist at 668-7384
 Mobile Notary Service by Jeri Sue Stewart at 619-2262
 Moore N More Popcorn by Dianna Moore at 435-680-3820
 Mr. Honey Do Service by Marshall Dick at 669-0870
 Neilson Automotive by Bruce Neilson at 652-4401
 Ohana by Herb & Wendy Basso at 669-9059
 Pest Control by Viking Pest Control at 435-272-4129
 Photos by Richelle by Richelle Nelson at 632-5544
 Red River Health & Wellness Chiropractic at 435-767-9355
 Robert Austin Tile by Robert Austin at 435-272-4186
 Rose Restoration by Michael Rose at 673-8006
 RV/Business Storage by Bruce Belmont at 628-2013
 Santa Clara Mercantile by Nancy Scott at 801-631-0477
 Say it Your Way Custom Vinyl by Tara Howard at 435-632-7006
 Shining Star Preschool by Trudy Carlson at 669-6461
 Smarty Pants Preschool by Doree Sargent at 674-2305
 Stitch-n-Stuff Embroidery by Tim & Angie McArthur at 435-673-4654
 Strain Landscaping by Craig Strain at 668-9150
 Super Star Preschool by Debra Gourley at 656-1647
 The Clover Patch by Doug Clove at 986-9070
 The Old Bodega Furniture/ Accessories by Greg & Carol Smith at 673-0656
 The Granary at Santa Clara (restaurant) by Pat Johnson at 435-851-2031
 Uncle & Auntie’s Gift Shop Vicki Lasswell 634-9416
 V-Max Remodeling by Craig Mangus at 628-6000
 Wilde Electric, Inc. by Terry Wilde at 632-7297

Pet Corner

We are in the summer months and the heat is very dangerous for pets. PLEASE make sure you do not leave pets outside for an extended period and do not take them with you if they must stay in the car. It takes less than 5 minutes for the interior of a locked car to reach a temperature that will kill an animal. Keep your pets safe because FIAS wants everyone to have a great summer.

FIAS had a very special opportunity to host Glen Beeby, Good 4 Utah Report-er Salt Lake City, on a tour of our animal shelter and dinner. He is very interested in the “No Kill” policy by ordinance for both Ivins and Santa Clara. He was impressed with the facility and hopefully will be able to do a story on FIAS in the near future.

As we prepare for Swiss Days, we are looking for volunteers to assist with the FIAS booth. If you would like to help, please use the contact information be-low. Because of the heat we do not have pets at the event but we have valuable information as well as adoption books with all of the homeless pets shown. Please plan to stop by and say hello. We always look forward to participating in the event.

Our “Wish for the Month” is Purina Kitten Chow and scoopable litter. We are in kitten season and several adorable kittens are available for adoption. FIAS appreciates your support of this program because it helps us to maintain a healthy diet for all of the homeless pets.

Please “Celebrate Freedom” by adopting a homeless pet today. During July pets that have been in the shelter for a long time will have a reduced adoption fee. Featured dogs and cats will be on and Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter Facebook page. A pet rescued from a shelter loves differently and will become your BFF. Featured dogs will be available for $15 and featured cats will be available for $5. A few adoption fees will be waived to approved adopters. Please visit the shelter and rescue a pet during the FIAS Celebrate Freedom Adoption Promotion.

The goal of FIAS is to assist homeless pets as well as pets with families. The FIAS Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic still has appointments available for 2016.

The free FIAS Food Pantry for your pets is also available if you are struggling. It is our goal to keep pets with their families when possible. Please use the contact information below for more information.

CONTACT INFORMATION: FIAS 435-673-1718 or Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter Facebook &

Where to Meet the Pets

Ivins animal Shelter and Adoption Center
474 North 200 West, Ivins. 435-628-1049.

New Hours:
Monday & Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Fetch is a 2 1/2 year old Border Collie mix weighing 45 pounds. Fetch is at a great age to adopt because he is out of the puppy stage. Like all Border Collies, Fetch is good this kids. He also likes to play with other dogs of his choice. Fetch is active and loves to play ball. He is an indoor dog that would love to have a fenced yard so he can also enjoy the outdoors in safety. Fetch deserves to have a second chance at a happily ever after tale of happiness. Please open your heart and home to Fetch and he will be your new BFF. For more information or to make arrangements to meet Fetch please call Aggie at 435-669-7043 or Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter at 435-673-1718.


Felix is a handsome boy. He has a great personality and gets along well with dogs, children and adults. Felix weighs 8 pounds. He would make a great addition to a family because he likes to play. It is really hard for black animals to be adopt-ed, especially black cats. Please give all of the black animals in the shelter a chance at a “happily ever after tale of love and happiness”. Call Aggie at 435-669-7043 or Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter at 435-673-1718 for more information or to make arrangements to meet Felix.

Monthly Meeting Schedule

– 2ND & 4TH WEDNESDAYS @ 5:00 P.M.


– 2ND TUESDAY @ 6:00 P.M.

– 4TH TUESDAY @ 4:00 P.M.


H.E.A.T. Program

The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at-risk groups in the household. The application period begins Nov.1, 2015 and goes through Sept. 30, 2016, or until funds are exhausted. Each household can receive H.E.A.T. assistance once during this period. Residents who wish to apply for assistance should call 435- 652-9643 to schedule an appointment. The H.E.A.T. office is located at 168 N. 100 E. Ste. 255, St. George, UT 84770.

Samuel R. Knight History Museum

Come see the expanded Samuel R. Knight Santa Clara History Museum located in the Town Hall basement and learn about Santa Clara’s history. The museum hours are Tuesdays 1—4 pm and Saturdays 11am—2 pm. Call 435-879-5297 or email for information or if you would like to volunteer at the mu-seum or schedule a special group or family reservation.