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January Issue

January 2019 Mayor’s Message

So long 2018; hello 2019; Happy New Year Everybody!

This past year brought its share of challenges and accomplishments. Residential and commercial growth continued at a rapid pace bringing some change to both the valley and the heights. The growth brought new business & tourism opportunities, new jobs, new places to dine, new places to live for families, re-tired folks, even a few young couples and singles. Short term vacation rental properties were developed and brought visitors from across the nation to experience Santa Clara and Southern Utah the same way many of us have visited California beaches or mountain ski resorts in the past. Our community offers housing for a more diverse range of incomes and backgrounds than ever before, and hey, what about that Glockenspiel!

Yet as I wander around town, the charm that brought me to Santa Clara 30 years ago seems to remain intact. Oh, we have more traffic than we did a few years ago, but we were still the second safest community in the state last year. Thanks to our resident’s willingness to fund street maintenance and a highly qualified & efficient public services department, Santa Clara’s streets are in far better condition than our neighbors in Southern Utah. We continue to have a safe, reliable community owned power system with minimal outages and rates less than privately owned utilities serving our region.

Our community parks and trails are first rate thanks to the parks department. There was a new play-ground constructed at Canyon View Park and additional parking built at Gubler Park. The softball and little league fields are in great shape and always in demand for area tournaments. There are plans this year to begin work on the new Pioneer Heritage Park in the valley and a new BMX bicycle track at Can-yon View Park, along with plans to expand the City trail system along the Tuachan and Lava Flow Washes north of Harmon’s. The parks department continues to provide important service opportunities for area students and eagle scout projects that beatify our community.

Working with Ivins City, the Public Safety Department continues to provide high quality fire, rescue and police protection to both cities. This partnership has proven to be highly effective in reducing the costs to residents. The dedicated members of these departments are well trained & equipped to respond to the needs of our growing communities. The City Administration Department does a great job keeping track of everything from billing, record keeping, and operating the Justice Court, to listening to citizen com-plaints at the counter. The Building & Planning Department has been extremely busy, and they expect to stay that way for a while. The staff and the volunteer committees that assist them, work hard to maintain building safety and community charm.

Looking forward, I can only promise the City will continue to do our best to keep residents and property safe and maintain the quality of life and services the citizens have come to expect in Santa Clara. If you see a problem and need help, let us know. The City really does care about you and your family’s needs. If you want to help within the community, let someone at the City know. There are always volunteer opportunities for citizens who would like to get involved, from serving on the Planning Commission to helping with Swiss Days, being a volunteer fireman, or helping with the museum. With your help and support, we can work together to make this community the best it can be in 2019.

Happy New Year Santa Clara! Let’s all celebrate a great place to live but remember to keep it safe.

Mayor Rick Rosenberg

  • January Calendar

  • Jan 2 - City Council Work Meeting Cancelled

  • Jan 9 - City Council Regular Meeting 5 PM

  • Jan 10 - Planning Commission Meeting 5:30 PM

  • Jan 23 - City Council Regular Meeting 5:00 PM

  • TRC Meetings - Thursdays at 8 AM

  • Regular City Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 8 AM to 5 PM & Fri 8 AM to 1 PM

  • Court Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 8 AM to 5 PM & Fri 8 AM to 1 PM

  • OFFICE CLOSED: Jan 1 - New Years & Jan 21 - MLK Day

    There are three regularly scheduled cemetery clean up dates each year. They begin on the first Monday of February, May and November.
    The cemetery winter clean up will begin on Monday February 4, 2019. All flowers and decorations of any kind should be removed from the cemetery before Feb. 4th. Remaining flowers and decorations will be removed and disposed of with the exception of new burials. Flowers and decorations can be returned to the cemetery on Friday February 8, 2019.
    The Public Works Department will be crack sealing city streets for the next few months. To be effective, it is necessary to blow debris from the street before the crack sealing process is started. At the end of each work day the crew will come back and clean the debris away from side-walks and driveways. If you see Public Services doing sealing on your street please move your vehicles off the street to help expedite the crack sealing work. Thank you for your patience and courtesy during these street repairs.
    The Senior Companion and Foster Grandparents are looking for a few great people to serve in their community and earn $200 per month. Senior Companions help homebound individuals with essential errands such as shopping and medical appointments.

    Foster Grandparents serve in the local schools helping children who may be struggling with their school work. They are mentors, tutors and friends to these children.

    To qualify for these programs you must be over 55 years old, be willing to serve a minimum of 15 hours per week, meet income eligibility requirements (make less than $2000 a month for a single per-son) and pass a background check.

    Call Joni today at 435-673-3548! Senior Corps Program
    Five County Association of Governments

    Substances illegally dumped on streets, into the storm drain system, and into creeks, washes and vacant lots may include leaves, grass clippings, pet waste and sediment. All of these things can cause storm water and receiving water quality problems, as well as clog the storm drain system.

    With the leaves starting to fall we would like to remind everyone that leaves and yard debris should not be blown or raked into gutters and streets. Santa Clara Citizens do a fantastic job in keeping our City a beautiful place to live.

    If you do encounter suspicious activities or suspected violations please call (435)-673-6712 the main City phone number and after hours number. Or the Dixie Clean Storm Water Coalition HOT LINE at (435) 634-5730. In most cases an investigator will respond visit the problem site.

    2019 business license renewals were sent out in December are due by Jan 31. Make sure your state registration and any state issued licenses are current and that you provide that information with your renewal. Daycare, preschools and commercial businesses must be current on Fire Safety inspections. To schedule a fire safety inspection please call 435-668-9082. For licensing questions please call 435-673-6712 EXT 201.
    The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at-risk groups in the household. Residents who wish to apply for assistance should call 435-652-9643 to schedule an appointment. The H.E.A.T. office is located at 168 N. 100 E. Ste. 255, St. Geo., UT 84770.
    Santa Clara City will hold the annual dog license/vaccination clinic on Saturday February 2, 2019. The clinic will be held at the Circle Drive Fire Station as in the past. Clinic hours will be 8:30am—12:00pm. License fees are $10-$22 depending on how many dogs you have and whether your pet is spayed or neutered. Vaccination fees are determined by the veterinarian administering the vaccines.

    The city dog tag and rabies tag should be on a collar worn on your dog at all times. City ordinance requires your dogs to be licensed annually and current on their rabies vaccination. This is important for the health of your dog, as well as the people and other animals your dog interacts with. 2019 City Dog Tags are available at the Town Hall office now if you would like to license your pet before the clinic—just be sure to bring in your dogs current rabies vaccination certificate.

  • Santa Clara-Ivins Fire & Rescue—Emergency Fire Plan
    In case of a home fire follow these steps to craft an exit strategy that gets your family out of the house as safely and quickly as possible.
    1. Walk through your home together and identify all windows and doors. Find at least two exits in each room.
    2. Store a collapsible escape ladder near a window in each up-stairs room. Every family member should regularly practice set-ting up the ladder from a first-floor window to ensure he or she can do it.
    3. Make sure all doors and windows can be opened easily, and all adults know how to operate the emergency release devices on window guards in upstairs rooms.
    4. Draw a floor plan of your home, marking all doors, windows, and stairwells. Use the diagram to show your children how to escape in case you aren’t able to help them.
    5. Establish an outside meeting place, such as the mailbox, a light pole, or a neighbor’s porch.
    6. If your family lives in an apartment or multi-unit building, re-view the building’s evacuation plan. Teach your children always to take the stairs if there’s a fire.
    7. Demonstrate how to stay low to the ground (by rolling or ar-my crawling) when moving through smoke.
    8. Make sure your kids know never to re-enter a room or the house to find a person or a pet.
    Santa Clara Fire & Rescue: 435-674-1083
    The following dates have been scheduled for the 2019 quarterly clean up dumpsters: March 15-16, June 7-8, September 20-21, and December 13-14. As in the past there will be 3 dumpsters at the Little League Parking Lot and 1 at Town Hall during these clean up weekends. There will be reminder notices in the March, June, Sept. and Dec. newsletters.
    The Arrowhead Elementary Community Council would like to make residents and drivers aware of the new crosswalk located on Malaga Ave. Please approach school crosswalks cautiously and make eye contact with children waiting to cross so they know that they can cross safely. There will not be a crossing guard posted at this cross walk so it is important to be aware of the new cross walk. Always be extra cautious in school zones and at crosswalks in and near our school zones and in residential areas!
    Hunter Safety Education Class will be taught by Craig Mangus on Thursday January 10, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Banquet Room—2603 Santa Clara Drive. The shooting portion of the class will be Sat. Jan. 12, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. Students will need to pre-register via email at Register early to study at your own pace.
    Please bring your family and friends to play on the new play-ground at the Santa Clara Canyon View Park located at 1400 Canyon View Drive. The playground was purchase with RAP Tax revenue.
    The City wishes to thank the DSU Principles of Biology Class for landscaping work at Gubler Park on December 1. They installed landscape ground cover at the ball field parking lot sidewalk entrances at the east and west parking lots.
    will be offered free of charge to your group during December and January by appointment please call Susie at 435-678-7285.

Santa Clara City Local Business Highlights

 Acoustic Brilliance Inc by Matthew & Janessa Langston at 435-619-4113
 AKA Embroidery by Angie Langston at 229-9653
 A-Team Computer Services by Gary Allred at 435-313-0705
 basalt Massage by Elizabeth Hench at 916-521-8104
 Big West Cleaning and Restoration by Jason Lindsey at 435-632-9187
 Bliss Weddings & Rentals by Debbie at 435-632-1618
 Brooks Window Design by Benita Brooks at 628-2768
 Building Concepts of Southern Utah by Brent Andersen at 668-6300
 Café Rio Mexican Grill 3540 Pioneer Pkwy #109 at 435-628-2440
 Classy Lawn & Yard Care by Shane Waegerle at 862-7762
 Clover Patch Quilt Shop by Jill Muhlestein at 435-986-9070
 Class Act Consignments by Jackie Zapf at 435-218-3835
 Colorful Kids Creative Academy by Susan Ursomarso at 808-482-4826
 Colour Salon & Boutique by Heather Bangerter at 801-602-6715
 Cut & Dried Home Hair Salon by Madelyn Derrick at 652-8491
 Dazzle Jewelry Creations by Jane Garassino at 707-486-1754
 DCW Enterprises iPRO Realty agent Chris Warhurst at 435-313-5623
 Delyn Norling Manual Therapist at 668-7384
 Desert Edge Childcare LLC by A. Talbot at 429-9963
 Desert Edge Montessori by A. Talbot at 272-3711
 Dharma Wheels Cyclery & Dental Office by Jon Kolon at 435-615-6819
 Dominos Pizza Delivery & Take Out by Randy Snow at 688-8885
 Don’s Remodeling Handyman by Don Crothers at 688-2709
 Doug’s Master Auto Care by Douglas Lefler at 673-6622
 Dutchman’s/Cravings by Nick Frei at 628-8482
 Eagle Creek Landscapes by Darrin Heinz at 435-229-7725
 Fisher Lawn & Yard Care by Bart Fisher at 862-7457
 Fusion Specialty Pharmacy by Koby Taylor R. Ph., Pharm D. at 435-703-9680
 Garden Sprout by Lance Allred at 673-3839
 Harmons Grocery Store 3520 Pioneer Parkway at 435-773-6200
 Janet Morgan, Realtor by Janet Morgan at 435-669-6471
 Kaili’s Restaurant by Herb & Wendy Basso at 435-216-9828
 Kiwi Plumbing & Heating by Michael Puriri at 435-256-0114

 Lamy’s Mexican Grill by Lamberto Ortiz at 2235 Santa Lara Drive
 Landscape Maintenance by Belmont Gardening at 628-2013
 Lark’s Nest Baking by Lark Taylor at 669-5304
 Learning Time for Little Minds Preschool by MaryAnn Bryner at 313-8182
 Lightfoots Chevron , CBR Enterprises by Brad & Cindy Pollman 216-2789
 Little Patch of Heaven Montessori Preschool by Janae Huntington at 632-9372
 Maya’s Luxury Nail Salon by Sarah Stinson at 435-359-3528
 Mobile Notary Service by Jeri Sue Stewart at 619-2262
 Moore N More Popcorn by Dianna Moore at 435-680-3820
 Mountain America Credit Union 3582 Pioneer Pkwy at 435-674-3856
 Mr. Honey Do Service by Marshall Dick at 669-0870
 O’Gallagher’s Exclusive Barbering by Timothy Gallagher at 801-830-0019
 Pest Control by Viking Pest Control at 435-272-4129
 Photos by Richelle by Richelle Nelson at 632-5544
 Red River Health & Wellness Chiropractic at 435-767-9355
 Robert Austin Tile by Robert Austin at 435-272-4186
 Rose Restoration by Michael Rose at 673-8006
 RV/Business Storage by Bruce Belmont at 628-2013
 Shining Star Preschool by Trudy Carlson at 669-6461
 Smarty Pants Preschool by Amy Call at 435-632-7803
 Strain Landscaping by Craig Strain at 668-9150
 Super Star Preschool by Debra Gourley at 656-1647
 The DOG HAUS dog grooming by Leslie Stock at 928-846-1184
 The Knitting Post (knitting/yarn store) by Barbie Williams at 435-610-1488
 Uncle & Auntie’s Gift Shop Vicki Lasswell 634-9416
 Vamp Body Art, LLC by Adam at 435-531-2159
 Wilde Electric, Inc. by Terry Wilde at 632-7297
 Woof! Wellness Center by Anita Delelles at 435-275-4536
 Yoga Etc Yoga & Acupuncture by Kathleen Dietz at 707-326-4818

  • Phone 673-6712, Fax 628-7338
  • Phone 656-4690 X 213, Fax 879-5298
  • 656-4690 X 219 & 221, Fax 879-5298
  • Phone 656-4690 X 215 & 216, Fax 879-5298
  • 652-1122 or 673-6712 X 240 & 241
  • 634-5730 (for any non-emergency call) EMERGENCY CALL: 911
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  • 8:00AM—5:00PM
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  • 8 AM—1 PM


Bailee Sleppy, SCI Animal Control & Animal Shelter

As we start the new year please be sure your dogs are current on vaccinations and licensed with the city. Please don’t allow your dog to run at large; have your dog on a leash when out walking and be sure to clean up after your dog along the way. Please abide by all animal control ordinances.
Shelter Manager Bailey Sleppy Shelter Phone #: 435-628-1049
INKAS JAN. Message:
As 2019 unfolds, INKAS hopes everyone had a joyful holiday season. We believe INKAS was particularly fortunate in December as we were able to participate in the true meaning of the season by helping a “wish” come true for another Washington County animal advocate non-profit. Because of the ongoing generosity of our donors, when INKAS received a request from an animal rescue organization to help them as they are upgrading and improving their dog rescue area, we were able to respond. Not only did INKAS buy new kennels but we were able to purchase all that were needed. It is the strong support of our community that continues to ena-ble INKAS to make “wishes come true.” Happy New Year to all from IN-KAS and we wish you a healthy and happy year filled with special times spent alongside your “four-legged” family members.
INKAS (Ivins No-Kill Animal Supporters) A 501©3 Nonprofit Organization Follow us on Facebook
Lois Hewitt-President 435-414-4802
Sara Dupre-Secretary: 206-724-5902
Ivins Animal Shelter and Adoption Center Phone: 435-628-1049
474 North 200 West, Ivins
Hours: Mon. –Sat. 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Have feedback or suggestions? We would love to hear from you.