Santa Clara Sun

January Issue

Volume 19, Issue 1

January 2017 Mayor’s Message

Each year brings new challenges, new success stories and unfortunately, new problems for the City, 2017 will be no different. Despite everyone’s best efforts, water lines will still break, fires will destroy property (typically in the middle of the night); as long as it rains in the desert, there will always be floods; traffic jams and accidents will continue to happen on our streets; public hearings will always pit individual property owner rights against neighborhood demands; the list goes on and on. We can’t make the challenges go away or the problems stop; we can only do our best to prepare for them and try to mitigate the damages and negative impacts to the maximum extent possible.

As I have said before, the City Council and Staff constantly strive to provide high quality public services and meet the demands of an ever changing municipal environment. Safe water and sanitation for public health; safe roads and bridges for transportation and commerce; flood protection and drainage structures to protect people and property; police, fire and emergency services personnel to aid residents and keep them safe; building officials to enforce codes and standards; an assessable city administration and fair justice court services; high quality parks, trails and recreation programs to encourage healthy residents; all of these services are vital for a safe, healthy community and the reality is, none of these services are free.

Many residents take these services for granted, but the City Council and Staff takes this work very seriously. Countless hours are spent trying to determine the most efficient and best way to achieve these services with the limited public funds available. I appreciate the dedicated members of the City Council and all of the employees of the City for their efforts in keeping Santa Clara a great place to live. Despite the challenges, every year there are success stories. In 2016, we successfully expanded Gubler Park, witnessed the opening of our first major commercial grocery store, finished the Highway 91 road, drainage and pedestrian safety project, had one of the most successful Swiss Days celebrations in history, maintained a safe public drinking water system, expanded the recreational access to the South Hills and avoided a major natural disaster. But, we also had several major water line breaks and outages, lost several homes to fires forcing families to be temporarily uprooted, suffered a kidnapping and resulting murder of one of our residents, and continued efforts to mitigate a devastating land-slide threatening homes and property.

Looking forward, I can only promise the City will continue to do our best to keep residents and property safe, and maintain the quality of life and services the citizens have come to expect in Santa Clara. If you see a problem and need help, let us know. The City really does care about you and your family’s needs. If you want to help within the community, let someone at the City know. There are always volunteer opportunities for citizens who would like to get involved, from serving on the Planning Commission to helping with Swiss Days, to being a volunteer fireman, to helping with an Eagle Scout Project. With your help and support, we can work together to make this community the best it can be in 2017.
Happy New Year Santa Clara, and remember to stay safe!

Mayor Rick Rosenberg

2017 Dog License & Vaccination Clinic

Saturday January 28, 2017

Santa Clara will hold its annual dog license/vaccination clinic on Saturday January 28, 2017. The clinic will be held at the Old Fire Station at 2775 Circle Drive from 8:30 am-12:00 pm.

Dog License Fees are as follows:
1st Dog Fixed:$10.00 Not Fixed:$20.00 2nd Dog Fixed:$12.00 Not Fixed:$22.00

Vaccination fees are determined by the veterinarian administering the shots. The City dog tag and rabies vaccination tag should be worn on your dog at all times. City ordinance requires your dogs to licensed annually and current on their rabies vaccination. This is important for the health and safety of your dog, as well as the people and other animals your dog interacts with.

2017 City dog tags are available at the Town Hall office now if you would like to license before the clinic.

January Business Spotlight

Garden Sprout

Garden Sprout, located at 3066 Santa Clara Drive, has now been a part of the Historic District shopping experience for over 8 years. Owner, Lance Allred offers one of the largest collections of Talavera pottery in the west. Garden Sprout features home and garden decor from Mexico and around the world. Hand crafted items and mouth blown glass highlight this colorful array of beautiful offerings. Great and unique gift ideas too.

Store hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, or call 435.673.3839. Also on Facebook.

We hope you will make time to visit and shop at Garden Sprout as well as the other local shops and eateries in Santa Clara. Let’s support our lo-cal merchants who are working hard to provide us with wonderful and unique shopping and dining experiences.

Crack Sealing Streets

The Public Works Department will be crack sealing city streets over the next few months. To be effective, it is necessary to blow debris from the street before the crack sealing process is started. At the end of each work day the crew will come back and clean the debris away from sidewalks and driveways. If you see Public Services doing sealing on your street please move your vehicles off the street to help expedite the crack sealing work. Thank you for your patience during these street repairs.

2017 Santa Clara Princess Pageant

March 4, 2017

The Santa Clara Princess Pageant will be held March 4, 2017. Packets can be picked up at the Santa Clara Town Hall Administration Office or printed online at Applicants will want to start thinking about the community service portion of their application. The Opening Meeting will be held on January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Banquet Room. The application deadline is January 24, 2017. For questions please call the City Office at 435-673-6712 EXT 201.

Dixie Regional Transportation Expo

February 7, 2017

The 13th Annual Dixie Regional Transportation Ex-po will be held on February 7, 2017 10am – 6pm at the Dixie Center Ballroom. Admission is free. Attend the Expo to become better informed on cur-rent and future transportation projects and have a voice in regional transportation planning. For more information visit:

Local Business Highlights

 AKA Embroidery by Angie Langston at 229-9653
 Alternative Power Systems, Inc by Stewart Somerville at 435-691-2020
 A-Team Computer Services by Gary Allred at 435-313-0705
 Big West Cleaning and Restoration by Jason Lindsey at 435-632-9187
 Bliss Weddings & Rentals by Debbie at 435-632-1618
 Brooks Window Design by Benita Brooks at 628-2768
 Building Concepts of Southern Utah by Brent Andersen at 668-6300
 Campbell’s 24/7 Sewer & Drain Services by Tom Campbell at 414-5350
 Classy Lawn & Yard Care by Shane Waegerle at 862-7762
 Clover Patch Quilt Shop by Jill Muhlestein at 435-986-9070
 Choppers Yard Care by Brandon Pectol at 862-2089
 Colour Salon & Boutique by Heather Bangerter at 801-602-6715
 Cut & Dried Home Hair Salon by Madelyn Derrick at 652-8491
 Delyn Norling Manual Therapist at 668-7384
 Desert Edge Montessori by Analee Talbot at 272-3711
 Desert Grill (at Lightfoots) by Janet Medina at 435-359-3796
 Dharma Wheels Cyclery & Dental Office by Jon Kolon at 435-615-6819
 Dominos Pizza Delivery & Take Out by Randy Snow at 688-8885
 Don’s Remodeling Handyman by Don Crothers at 688-2709
 Doug’s Master Auto Care by Douglas Lefler at 673-6622
 Dutchman’s/Cravings by Nick Frei at 628-8482
 Eagle Creek Landscapes by Darrin Heinz at 627-8058
 Fisher Lawn & Yard Care by Bart Fisher at 862-7457
 Fusion Specialty Pharmacy by Koby Taylor R. Ph., Pharm D. at 435-703-9680
 Garden Sprout by Lance Allred at 673-3839
 Harmons Grocery Store 3520 Pioneer Parkway at 435-773-6200
 Ivory Pet Care by Mary Ellen Call at 668-2433
 Janet Morgan, Realtor by Janet Morgan at 435-669-6471
 Kaili’s Restaurant by Herb & Wendy Basso at 435-216-9828

 Kiwi Plumbing & Heating by Michael Puriri at 435-256-0114
 Landscape Maintenance by Belmont Gardening at 628-2013
 Lightfoots Chevron , CBR Enterprises by Brad & Cindy Pollman 216-2789
 Little Patch of Heaven Montessori Preschool by Janae Huntington at 632-9372
 Los Alazanes Mexican Restaurant by Efrain Gomez at 435-673-3386
 Mobile Notary Service by Jeri Sue Stewart at 619-2262
 Moore N More Popcorn by Dianna Moore at 435-680-3820
 Mr. Honey Do Service by Marshall Dick at 669-0870
 Pest Control by Viking Pest Control at 435-272-4129
 Photos by Richelle by Richelle Nelson at 632-5544
 Red River Health & Wellness Chiropractic at 435-767-9355
 Robert Austin Tile by Robert Austin at 435-272-4186
 Rose Restoration by Michael Rose at 673-8006
 RV/Business Storage by Bruce Belmont at 628-2013
 Say it Your Way Custom Vinyl by Tara Howard at 435-632-7006
 Shining Star Preschool by Trudy Carlson at 669-6461
 Smarty Pants Preschool by Doree Sargent at 674-2305
 Stitch-n-Stuff Embroidery by Tim & Angie McArthur at 435-673-4654
 Strain Landscaping by Craig Strain at 668-9150
 Super Star Preschool by Debra Gourley at 656-1647
 Sweet Cakes by Karen by Karen Phillips at 435-668-2550
 The Old Bodega Furniture/ Accessories by Greg & Carol Smith at 673-0656
 The Granary at Santa Clara (restaurant) by Pat Johnson at 435-851-2031
 Uncle & Auntie’s Gift Shop Vicki Lasswell 634-9416
 V-Max Remodeling by Craig Mangus at 628-6000
 Wilde Electric, Inc. by Terry Wilde at 632-7297

Parks Update

The Parks Department wishes to thank everyone for their support of the City Parks Department in 2016. We broke the all-time record for volunteer support for Tree City USA by reaching $21,866. The City wishes to thank and congratulate Dixie State University, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Santa Clara Utah Heights LDS Stake volunteers for making 2016 the best Tree City USA Year in City history.

The City is soliciting bids for construction of the new restroom facility at Canyon View Park. The new heated facility will be open 12 months of the year. We plan to have the new building completed before Little League season. The facility will be constructed through Recreation and Parks (RAP) tax revenues.

The City has been receiving numerous complaints concerning irresponsible pet owners in our city parks, trails, and the cemetery. The most frequent complaint is dog waste. People are not cleaning up their dog’s waste and children playing are accidentally getting contaminated with feces when playing baseball and other activities. City staff will be re-questing an ordinance change to prohibit pets from being allowed on sports field areas. Pet waste is considered litter and pet owners can be charged with littering. The second complaint is pets running loose without a leash in the parks, cemetery, and trails. The City Parks Ordinance requires that all pets must be on a 6’ maximum leash at all times; and pets are never allowed in the cemetery. Please be mindful of and courteous to everyone using our city parks.

Storm Water Watch

Has that old car started to develop an oil leak and you don’t want it to get on the driveway so you park it in the street? Do you have neighbors who change their own oil and store used oil improperly? Used motor oil and other automotive fluids can be a serious problem for our Storm Water System. Even people with good intentions can unintentionally cause pollution to our streams and water ways. If your vehicle leaks fluids, keep it off the street and provide a drip pan until the repairs can be made. Please recycle used oil. Several auto parts stores and vehicle service businesses in town accept used motor oil at no cost.

To report spills, dumping emergencies, violations or suspicious activities please call (435)-673-6712, the main City phone number and after hours number, or call the Dixie Clean Storm Water Coalition HOT LINE at (435) 634-5730. Generally an investigator will respond and in most cases visit the problem site.

2017 Clean Up Dumpster Dates

2017 quarterly clean up dumpsters have been scheduled as follows:

March 10-11, 2017
June 9-10, 2017
September 8-9, 2017
December 8-9, 2017

There will be 3 dumpsters at the Little League Parking Lot and 1 at the Town Hall Parking Lot on the above dates. Watch for reminders in the March, June , Sept. and Dec. newsletters.

Yellow recycling bins are also located at Canyon View & Gubler Parks and on Lava Flow south of Santa Clara Drive. Thank you for keeping Santa Clara clean and beautiful.

2017 Clean Up Cemetery Dates

There are three regularly scheduled cemetery clean ups. They begin on the first Monday of February, May and November.

The first 2017 cemetery clean up is scheduled to begin Monday February 6, 2017. All flowers, decorations, shepherds hooks, etc. need to be removed from the cemetery before Feb. 6th. Remaining flowers and decorations will be removed and disposed of by city personnel, with the exception of fresh burials. Flowers and decorations may be returned to the cemetery on Friday February 10th.
The next two clean ups are scheduled to begin on Monday May 1st and Monday November 6th. We appreciate your help as we strive to keep the cemetery a clean and beautiful place of remembrance.

H.E.A.T. Program

The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at-risk groups in the household. Residents who wish to apply for assistance should call 435-652-9643 to schedule an appointment. The H.E.A.T. of-fice is located at 168 N. 100 E. Ste. 255, St. George, UT 84770

2017 Business Licence Renewals

2017 business license renewals were sent out in early December & are due no later than Jan 31. Make sure to provide your Utah State Department of Commerce registration, current EIN #, Sales Tax ID#, and a copy of any specific state issued licenses required for your business, such as those for contractors, salons, child care, pest control, massage therapy, etc. Daycare and preschools must be current on Fire Safety inspections which can be scheduled by calling 619-3927. Making sure the above information is included with your renewal form will help expedite your renewal. For business licensing questions please call 435-673-6712 EXT 201.

Santa Clara City Contact Phone Numbers

SANTA CLARA CITY ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: Phone 673-6712, Fax 628-7338 (City Manager, Finance Officer, Recorder/Court Clerk, Treasurer/Utilities, Business Licenses, Dog Licenses, Cemetery, Banquet Hall Reservations, General Information)
SANTA CLARA CITY PUBLIC SERVICES: Phone 656-4690 X 213, Fax 879-5298 (Public Services :Streets, Sidewalks, Water, Sewer, Power)
SANTA CLARA CITY PARKS & TRAILS: Phone 656-4690 X 221, Fax 879-5298
PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCH: 634-5730 (for any non-emergency call) EMERGENCY CALL: 911
SANTA CLARA CITY ANIMAL CONTROL: 435-634-5730 to dispatch Animal Control Officer. Animal Shelter: 628-1049
Follow us on: Facebook at Instagram at City Website at

Santa Clara City Monthly Meeting Schedule


Blue Stakes of Utah

Please call Blue Stakes at least 48 hours before you begin any significant digging project. This will allow time for all utility companies to be notified to come locate and mark the utility lines on your property before digging be-gins. Be safe, call Blue Stakes first at 800-662-4111.

Mayor & City Council Contact Information


Samuel R Knight Santa Clara History Museum Hours

Tuesday: 1—4 PM and Saturday: 11 AM—2 PM. The museum located in the Town Hall basement. Email:

Pet Corner


We hope you will have a fantastic 2017 filled with happiness. FIAS is looking forward to a great year at the shelter. Stacey Trujillo, Shelter Manager, is doing a great job getting our animals adopted into forever homes. It is our goal to have an almost empty shelter during 2017.

As FIAS begins its 11th year, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. Many people thought a municipal shelter could not be a “No Kill” facility. It has been a challenge but we are doing it with YOUR help and with the help of Best Friends. Again we would like to thank the leaders of Ivins and Santa Clara for their courage and commitment to the homeless pets. We are “Saving Them All”!

We would like to thank everyone who visited the shelter during the Christmas Open House. FIAS appreciates all of the food and litter that was donated dur-ing the event. A very sweet dog was owner released during our Christmas Open House and she was only in the shelter for about an hour. She found a good person to love her. It was exciting to see her go out the shelter door hap-py! It was a joyous celebration and we enjoyed meeting so many new friends.

Our “Wish for the Month” is Purina Kitten/Cat Chow and scoopable litter. Your continued support of this program helps the homeless pets so much. While we are doing much better on the cat population at the shelter, we still have many cats and kittens who need to find their forever homes.

The annual FIAS Low Cost Vaccination Clinic will be held on Saturday, Febru-ary 11th. Appointments are required for the clinic. Calls regarding the clinic will be taken beginning January 23, 2017. Please use the contact information be-low for more information or to make an appointment. The cost is $16.00 per vaccination and all vaccinations are good for 3 years except Bordetella which is yearly. Both dog and cat vaccinations will be available.

February will feature “Give Love” Adoption Promotion sponsored by Best Friends in partnership with FIAS. All adoption fees will be $14 February 1st through February 14th. Don’t miss this great opportunity to save a homeless pet and get a new BFF all for only $14. All pets at the shelter are spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations unless they are too young. Mark this date on your calendar and help us “Save Them All” by adopting during this special adoption promotion.

AmzonSmile is a fantastic program that helps the homeless pets and FIAS in two ways; you can donate supplies through AmazonSmile and have them delivered to the shelter and a financial donation will be made to FIAS by Amazon on the purchase at no additional cost to you. The Smile code is below. It is so easy to help the pets who are counting on us.
Please use the contact information below if we can be of assistance to you and your pets. Our goal is to help.

Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter Facebook Page or


Dusty is a handsome Tuxedo Domestic Long Hair mix. He is a very shy guy and would probably prefer a home without small children. He needs someone who will be patient and love him so he can learn he will be safe. Sometimes we just do not know what kind of stress abandoned cats have been under and they need YOUR love and support. Please consider opening our heart and home to this deserving cat. Dusty wants to have a happily ever after tale of happiness and love.


Cooper is a handsome Boxer. He is a big, strong boy and full of love. He loves to go for walks, play and just enjoy life. Cooper is young and needs training. He would a fantastic addition to an active family. Cooper loves everyone but would prefer a home without cats just to be on the safe side. Please open your heart and home to Cooper during this beautiful holiday season and “Bring Joy to Your World”. Cooper is anxious to meet YOU and become a member of your family.

Where to Meet the Pets

Ivins animal Shelter and Adoption Center Phone: 435-628-1049
474 North 200 West, Ivins.
Hours: Monday –Saturday 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Adoption Fee: The adoption fee at the Ivins Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is $50 for dogs and $25 for cats. However, special reduced fees are featured throughout the year. Please call the shelter for more information.

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