Santa Clara Sun

December Issue

Volume 18, Issue 12

Message from Mayor Rosenberg

The holiday season is in full swing and Christmas will soon be upon us. During this holiday season I hope each of you take time to count your blessings and take a few minutes from your busy schedules to enjoy the special spirit this season offers. This month instead of reporting on the status of the city parks, street projects, the budget or the fire department, I thought I share a story I read recently which touched me and helped me feel the Christmas Spirit. I hope you enjoy it. I promise to be back next year with a monthly report on the latest news and happenings at Town Hall.

It was December 23, 1993.For a single mom who was going to college and supporting my children completely alone, Christmas was looking bleak I looked around my little home, realization dawning like a slow, twisting pain. We were poor. Our tiny house had two bedrooms, both off the living room. They were so small that my baby daughter’s crib barely fit into one room, and my son’s twin bed and dresser were squeezed into the other. There was no way they could share a room, so I made my bed every night on the living room floor. The three of us shared the only closet in the house. We were snug, always only a few feet from each other, day and night. With no doors on the children’s rooms, I could see and hear them at all times. It made them feel secure, and it made me feel close to them — a blessing I wouldn’t have had in other circumstances.

It was early evening, about eight o’clock. The snow was falling softly, silently, and my children were both asleep. I was wrapped in a blanket, sitting at the window, watching the powdery flakes flutter in the dimming light, when my front door vibrated with a pounding fist. Alarmed, I wondered who would stop by unannounced on such a snowy winter night. I opened the door to find a group of strangers grinning from ear to ear, their arms laden with boxes and bags. Confused, but finding their joyous spirit contagious, I grinned right back at them.

“Are you Susan?” The man stepped forward as he held out a box for me. Nodding stupidly, unable to find my voice, I was sure they thought I was mentally deficient. “These are for you.” The woman thrust another box at me with a huge, beaming smile. The porch light and the snow falling behind her cast a glow over her dark hair, lending her an angelic appearance. I looked down into her box. It was filled to the top with delicious treats, a fat turkey, and all the makings of a traditional Christmas dinner. My eyes filled with tears as the realization of why they were there washed over me.

Finally coming to my senses, I found my voice and invited them in. Following the husband were two children, stag-gering with the weight of their packages. The family introduced themselves and told me their packages were all gifts for my little family. This wonderful, beautiful family, who were total strangers to me, somehow knew exactly what we needed. They brought wrapped gifts for each of us, a full buffet for me to make on Christmas Day, and many “extras” that I could never afford. Visions of a beautiful, “normal” Christmas literally danced in my head. Somehow my secret wish for Christmas was materializing right in front of me. The desperate prayers of a single mom had been heard, and I knew right then that God had sent his angels my way.

My mysterious angels then handed me a white envelope, gave me another round of grins, and took turns hugging me. They wished me a Merry Christmas and disappeared into the night as suddenly as they had appeared. Amazed and deeply touched, I looked around me at the boxes and gifts strewn at my feet and felt the ache of depression suddenly being transformed into a childlike joy. I began to cry. I cried hard, sobbing tears of the deepest gratitude. A great sense of peace filled me. The knowledge of God’s love reaching into my tiny corner of the world enveloped me like a warm quilt. My heart was full. I fell to my knees amid all the boxes and offered a heartfelt pray-er of thanks.

Getting to my feet, I wrapped myself in my blankets and sat once again to gaze out the window at the gently falling snow. Suddenly, I remembered the envelope. Like a child, I ripped it open and gasped at what I saw. A shower of bills flitted to the floor. Gathering them up, I began to count the five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. As my vision blurred with tears, I counted the money, then recounted it to make sure I had it right. Sobbing again, I said it out loud: “One hundred dollars.” I looked at my children sleeping soundly, and through my tears I smiled my first hap-py, free-of-worry smile in a long, long time. My smile turned into a grin as I thought about tomorrow: Christmas Eve. One visit from complete strangers had magically turned a painful day into a special one that we would always remember…with happiness.

It is now several years since our Christmas angels visited. I have remarried, and our household is happy and richly blessed. Every year since that Christmas in 1993, we have chosen a family less blessed than we are. We bring them carefully selected gifts, food and treats, and as much money as we can spare. It’s our way of passing on what was given to us. It’s the “ripple effect” in motion. We hope that the cycle continues and that, someday, the families we share with will be able to pass it on, too. — Susan Fahncke
I hope happiness finds each of you and your loved ones this season and may your homes be filled with love and laughter every day in 2017. Merry Christmas Santa Clara and stay safe.

Mayor Rick Rosenberg

Inside this Issue:

  • Mayor’s Message

  • 2017 Princess Pageant

  • Dog License Clinic

  • Business Highlights

  • Clean Up Dumpsters

  • Parks Dept Update

  • Christmas Eve Program

  • Business License Renewal

  • New Salon & Boutique

  • Pet Corner

Christmas Eve Program

The Santa Clara Christmas Eve Program is coming up! The program will be held on Saturday Dec. 24 at 5:30 pm at the Santa Clara Valley Chapel (3040 Santa Clara Drive). The Sylvan Graf and Marilyn Roberts families are in charge this year. If you haven’t participated in the past and would like to have your child or children participate, please email with your contact information. Practices are Mondays (Nov. 28, Dec. 5, and Dec. 12) from 4:00—4:30 pm. A dress rehearsal will be Friday December 23 at 10:00 am. All practices will be at the valley chapel.

Shop Santa Clara This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and our local businesses are providing wonderful holiday shopping opportunities for us all. Come walk, shop and dine in Santa Clara and enjoy the quaint ambiance of Santa Clara Drive at the holidays, and find a great selection of grocery, baking and gift items at our beautiful Harmons store as well (corner of Pioneer & Rachel). Enjoy the beautiful holiday lights and décor as you shop and dine in Santa Clara. Your shopping experience will be more personal, unique and fun as you support our local merchants and all they have to offer for your holiday gift giving.
May this special season of giving be merry & bright as you shop at home in Santa Clara!

New Business Colour Salon & Boutique

Colour Salon and Boutique recently opened in the Shoppes at Santa Clara at 1100 Canyon View Drive Unit E. It is owned and operated by Heather Bangerter; phone # 801-602-6715 and website You can book appointments online or by text. Along with salon services, the boutique offers fashion jewelry, clothes, purses, and makeup. They also have natural stone beads to make your own jewelry or they can make custom pieces for you. Heather says she is a passionate artist and loves creating with hair color and keeping up on the newest techniques and methods to make hair fabulous! Make an appointment to be pampered at the salon or stop by to shop for yourself or someone special on your holiday shopping list. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 12:00—6:00 p.m. Watch for monthly jewelry making classes-the first class will be Nov. 26th from 6-9 pm. Plan to visit our newest business in Santa Clara and see what they have to offer!

2017 Business License Renewals

2017 business license renewals will be sent out in mid December & are due no later than Jan 31. Make sure to provide your Utah State Department of Commerce registration, current EIN #, Sales Tax ID#, and a copy of any specific state issued licenses required for your business, such as those for contractors, salons, child care, pest control, massage therapy, etc. Daycare and preschools must be current on Fire Safety inspections which can be scheduled by calling 619-3927. Making sure the above information is included with your renewal form will help expedite your renewal. For business licensing questions please call 435-673-6712 EXT 201.

Crack Sealing Streets

The Public Works Department will be crack sealing city streets over the next few months. To be effective, it is necessary to blow debris from the street before the crack sealing process is started. At the end of each work day the crew will come back and clean the debris away from sidewalks and driveways. If you see Public Services doing sealing on your street please move your vehicles off the street to help expedite the crack sealing work. Thank you for your patience during these street repairs.

December Dumpster Clean Up

December clean up dumpsters are scheduled for December 9 & 10, 2016. There will be 3 dumpsters at the Little League Parking Lot and 1 at Town Hall. Please do not leave trash on the ground before the dumpsters arrive or after they have been removed. These dumpsters are not for disposal of paint, batteries, tires, appliances, furniture, hazardous waste items such as pesticides or other chemicals, and not for construction site waste. Call Republic Services at 628-2821 to schedule special pick up of large or bulky items. For hazardous waste disposal call 674-7623. The St. George Reuse Center located at 575 E. Brigham Rd accepts removed vegetation for mulching and will accept your discarded Christmas trees for mulching as well; their phone # is 627-4028. You can also call Republic Services to pick up your Christmas trees after the holiday.

2017 Dog License & Vaccination Clinic

Santa Clara will hold its annual dog license/vaccination clinic on Saturday January 28, 2017. The clinic will be held at the Old Fire Station at 2775 Circle Drive. Clinic hours are 8:30 am-12:00 pm. Dog License Fees are as follows: 1st Dog Fixed: $10.00 Not Fixed: $20.00 2nd Dog Fixed: $12.00 Not Fixed: $22.00 Vaccination fees are determined by the veterinarian administering the shots. The City dog tag and rabies vaccination tag should be on a collar on your dog at all times. City ordinance requires your dogs to licensed annually and current on their rabies vaccination. This is important for the health and safety of your dog, as well as the people and other animals your dog interacts with. 2017 City dog tags are available at the Town Hall office now if you would like to license before the clinic.

2017 Princess Pageant

The Santa Clara Princess Pageant will be held March 4, 2017. Packets can be picked up at the Santa Clara Town Hall Administration Office or printed online at Applicants will want to start thinking about the community service portion of their application. The Opening Meeting will be held on January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Banquet Room. The application deadline is January 24, 2017. For questions please call the City Office at 435-673-6712 EXT 201.

Parks Update

Santa Clara City would like to thank the following young men for completing their Eagle Scout Projects: Joshua Bunting transformed a barren area next to the new Gubler Park Pickle Ball Courts into a beautiful landscaped area east of the trail bridge. He removed weeds, planted 10 trees, and placed 40 cubic yards of bark mulch in the new landscaped area.

Taylor Truman placed tree mulch around the base of over 100 trees at 3 parks. The bark mulch will improve the tree growth by retaining moisture and providing nutrients. The mulch rings also make the Parks look professionally groomed and reduce damage sometimes caused by mowing equipment.

Bryson McKnight provided service for his Eagle Scout project by cleaning up 15 acres in the South Hills near the City water tank. The area had been littered from illegal trash dumping. He hauled out a 30 yard dumpster full of bottles, old furniture, floor tiles, a camper shell, animal remains, and other illegally dumped trash.

Brantley McKnight cleaned up 15 acres of shooting debris in the South Hills between Cove Wash and the water tank road south of Stucki Springs Road. The 30 yard dumpster full of trash included destroyed big screen TVs, glass bottles, tires, and thousands of pieces of broken glass.

A large portion of South Hills is located in the Santa Clara City Limits and owned by the Bureau of Land Management. The City wishes to thank, with admiration, our youth who take the initiative to correct actions of irresponsible people. If you see someone illegally dumping in the South Hills, please report it to the Washington County Police Dispatch at (435) 634-5730.

Brad Hays
Parks and Recreation Director

Local Business Highlights

 AKA Embroidery by Angie Langston at 229-9653
 Alternative Power Systems, Inc by Stewart Somerville at 435-691-2020
 Big West Cleaning and Restoration by Jason Lindsey at 435-632-9187
 Bliss Weddings & Rentals by Debbie at 435-632-1618
 Brooks Window Design by Benita Brooks at 628-2768
 Building Concepts of Southern Utah by Brent Andersen at 668-6300
 Campbell’s 24/7 Sewer & Drain Services by Tom Campbell at 414-5350
 Classy Lawn & Yard Care by Shane Waegerle at 862-7762
 Choppers Yard Care by Brandon Pectol at 862-2089
 Cut & Dried Home Hair Salon by Madelyn Derrick at 652-8491
 Desert Edge Montessori by Analee Talbot at 272-3711
 Dharma Wheels Cyclery by Jon Kolon at 435-615-6819
 Dominos Pizza Delivery & Take Out by Randy Snow at 688-8885
 Don’s Remodeling Handyman by Don Crothers at 688-2709
 Doug’s Master Auto Care by Douglas Lefler at 673-6622
 Dutchman’s/Cravings by Nick Frei at 628-8482
 Eagle Creek Landscapes by Darrin Heinz at 627-8058
 Entre, Inc. Garage Door Repair by Ed Gray at 680-6699
 Fire and Safety Distribution Co. by Kenneth Kvenvold at 435-272-7039
 Fisher Lawn & Yard Care by Bart Fisher at 862-7457
 Fusion Specialty Pharmacy by Travis Jackman R. Ph., Pharm. D. and
 Koby Taylor R. Ph., Pharm D. at 435-703-9680
 Garden Sprout by Lance Allred at 673-3839
 Ivory Pet Care by Mary Ellen Call at 668-2433
 Jon Kolon DDS – Dental Office – 435-615-6819
 Kaili’s Restaurant by Herb & Wendy Basso at 435-216-9828
 Kevin Lee Construction by Kevin Lee at 680-9858
 Kiwi Plumbing & Heating by Michael Puriri at 435-256-0114
 Landscape Maintenance by Belmont Gardening at 628-2013
 Lightfoots Chevron , CBR Enterprises by Brad & Cindy Pollman 216-2789

 Little Patch of Heaven Montessori Preschool by Janae Huntington at 632-9372
 Maids of Honor Cleaning Service by Kristine Romine at 862-8417
 Delyn Norling Manual Therapist at 668-7384
 Mobile Notary Service by Jeri Sue Stewart at 619-2262
 Moore N More Popcorn by Dianna Moore at 435-680-3820
 Mr. Honey Do Service by Marshall Dick at 669-0870
 Neilson Automotive by Bruce Neilson at 652-4401
 Ohana by Herb & Wendy Basso at 669-9059
 Pest Control by Viking Pest Control at 435-272-4129
 Photos by Richelle by Richelle Nelson at 632-5544
 Red River Health & Wellness Chiropractic at 435-767-9355
 Robert Austin Tile by Robert Austin at 435-272-4186
 Rose Restoration by Michael Rose at 673-8006
 RV/Business Storage by Bruce Belmont at 628-2013
 Santa Clara Mercantile by Nancy Scott at 801-631-0477
 Say it Your Way Custom Vinyl by Tara Howard at 435-632-7006
 Shining Star Preschool by Trudy Carlson at 669-6461
 Smarty Pants Preschool by Doree Sargent at 674-2305
 Stitch-n-Stuff Embroidery by Tim & Angie McArthur at 435-673-4654
 Strain Landscaping by Craig Strain at 668-9150
 Super Star Preschool by Debra Gourley at 656-1647
 The Clover Patch by Doug Clove at 986-9070
 The Old Bodega Furniture/ Accessories by Greg & Carol Smith at 673-0656
 The Granary at Santa Clara (restaurant) by Pat Johnson at 435-851-2031
 Uncle & Auntie’s Gift Shop Vicki Lasswell 634-9416
 V-Max Remodeling by Craig Mangus at 628-6000
 Wilde Electric, Inc. by Terry Wilde at 632-7297

Pet Corner

Holiday Greetings from FIAS. We cordially invite you to attend the “Bring Joy to Your World” Adoption Event & Open House Saturday, December 10th from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Ivins Animal Shelter & Adoption Center. There will be tasty treats by Lin’s, a free drawing for everyone who donates a bag of Purina Cat or Dog Chow, special surprises for everyone who adopts a homeless pet, shelter tours and a great opportunity to meet Stacey Trujillo our new Shelter Manager. “Bring Joy to Your World” Adoption Promotion, sponsored by Best Friends in partnership with Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter, will begin on December 1st – 31st. Adoption fee for dogs is $25 and cats/kittens adoption fee will be waived to approved adopters. The FIAS goal is to have any empty shelter on Christmas Eve.

Our “Wish for the Month” is twofold for December; we wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope you will donate scoopable litter or Purina Dog /Cat Chow to the homeless pets in the shelter. You can also order litter or pet food on AmazonSmile and have it delivered directly to the shelter. FIAS receives a donation on all orders placed on AmazonSmile using our code below at no additional expense and the homeless pets receive healthy food.
FIAS received a third place award from Best Friends for our great adoption numbers. The $2,000.00 award will help to pay for all of the medical expense we have faced during the last part of 2016. Best Friends Founders and Staff have been our “very best friend from the beginning”. FIAS appreciates their support and we could not do what we do without their help.

Volunteers are needed at the Ivins Shelter & Adoption Center as well as volun-teers to serve with Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter. FIAS needs tech savvy volunteers to assist with advertising. It is easy to volunteer for FIAS and never have to leave your home. For more information please use the contact information below.

As we come to the close of 2016, FIAS would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Santa Clara Mayor, City Council, City Manager & Staff. It is a pleasure to work with everyone in Santa Clara and to participate in Swiss Days. Together we have accomplished great things for the homeless pets. FIAS believes that Santa Clara and Ivins are still the only two cities in Utah to operate a “No Kill” Municipal Animal Shelter by Animal Control Ordinance. THANK YOU FOR HELPING FIAS TO “SAVE THEM ALL”!

Where to Meet the Pets

Ivins animal Shelter and Adoption Center
474 North 200 West, Ivins. 435-628-1049.

New Hours:
Monday & Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Navy has been transferred to a farm in Kanab where he will receive professional training the next 2 months after he developed barrier frustration in the shelter. He was a family dog that lived with children in a home. The shelter was a very difficult place for Navy and caused him extreme stress. He is doing great in Kanab and getting his good personality back because he is learning to trust again. Navy deserves a second chance and NEEDS A FOREVER HOME. Please open your heart and home to Navy when his training is completed at the end of November. Use the contact information below if you would like more information about Navy or to make arrangements to meet him in Kanab. Navy’s adoption fee will be waived to an approved adopter.


Gertie is a beautiful l cat. Just look at how she posed for her picture; she is telling you come and rescue me. Gertie is approximately a year old and pregnant already. If you cannot adopt her but would like to foster her so she can have her kittens in a home environment please contact us. Of course FIAS would be responsible for her expense while she is in foster care. If you would like to adopt Gertie, FIAS will still be responsible for her needs until her kittens are born and will accept them at the shelter when they are ready for adoption. Gertie deserves a second chance to have a happily ever after tale of love and happiness. Please open your heart and home to her today.

Monthly Meeting Schedule

– 2ND & 4TH WEDNESDAYS @ 5:00 P.M.


– 2ND TUESDAY @ 6:00 P.M.

– 4TH TUESDAY @ 4:00 P.M.


H.E.A.T. Program

The Home Energy Assistance Target Program accepts applications to assist eligible households in need of help paying their home heating bills. This federally funded program is administered by the State of Utah. Payment amounts are based on income, energy use, and at-risk groups in the household. The application period begins Nov.1, 2015 and goes through Sept. 30, 2016, or until funds are exhausted. Each household can receive H.E.A.T. assistance once during this period. Residents who wish to apply for assistance should call 435- 652-9643 to schedule an appointment. The H.E.A.T. office is located at 168 N. 100 E. Ste. 255, St. George, UT 84770.

Samuel R. Knight History Museum

Come see the expanded Samuel R. Knight Santa Clara History Museum located in the Town Hall basement and learn about Santa Clara’s history. The museum hours are Tuesdays 1—4 pm and Saturdays 11am—2 pm. Call 435-879-5297 or email for information or if you would like to volunteer at the mu-seum or schedule a special group or family reservation.