Planning Commission

The Planning Commission includes seven members who review land use issues (including all new development and zoning actions). Generally, this is a review and recommending body who sends request for approval back for more information or to the City Council for approval. For certain types of applications, the City Council has delegated to the Planning Commission the power to make final decisions as the land use authority. Commission members are knowledgeable of the Santa Clara City planning and zoning ordinances, local, state and national planning and zoning trends, and issues of technical concern-hillside and soil stability.

The agenda for the Planning Commission is set by the Santa Clara City Building Official and Planning Administrator. The Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Santa Clara Town Hall.  All zone changes and new development must be reviewed by this body and sent on to City Council for approval.

Planning Commission Members

Curtis Jensen (Chair)
Michael Day
Todd Jacobsen
Jason Lindsey
Marv Wilson
Adam Butterfield
James Call
Arlynn Kemp
Todd Olsen (City Engineer)

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