LEARN CPR Presented by Santa Clara- Ivins Fire Rescue

Why is CPR Training Important?

You can save a life – with 88% of cardiac arrests occurring in the home, chances are learning CPR can help you save a spouse, child, parent or loved one.

You can help prevent unnecessary deaths – CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or even triple a victim’s chance of surviving such an event.

CPR training prepares you for a variety of emergency situations – CPR classes can arm you with the skills and training necessary to assist someone who is drowning, suffocating, or choking. A CPR training class gives you the skills to help you to respond effectively to a multitude of medical emergencies.

Any CPR is better than no CPR – attempting to provide resuscitation is better than not attempting at all.

For more information on CPR classes available contact Santa Clara – Ivins Fire Rescue at ctaschuk@sccity.org