Shade Tree Committee

The Shade Tree Committee consists of local volunteers interested in the preservation and future planning of Santa Clara’s urban forest.  Decisions made today about our City trees will have an impact far into the future.  The sycamore trees lining Santa Clara Drive are one example of the importance of urban tree planning.  Planted in 1948, many of these beautiful trees are now going into decline and require a replacement plan.

Committee members work to raise the awareness of the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits of trees by planning and conducting annual Arbor Day festivities, conducting occasional workshops and tours, and providing educational literature.  They may also specify the best tree species for City planting and recommend tree selections to residents.  They can nominate trees of historical significance to the Heritage Committee.  They seek funding through grants and donations to ensure that Santa Clara remains a Tree City USA.

Shade Tree Committee Members

Brad Hays (City Rep)
Linda VanWert
Wendy Basso
Lee Hughes
Mathew Web