Santa Clara City Ordinances

Ordinance 2018-08

SANTA CLARA CITY ORDINANCE NO. 2018-08 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CITY OF SANTA CLARA GENERAL PLAN BY REZONING 0.59 ACRES (1lot) LOCATED AT 2562 SANTA CLARA DRIVE Section 1.        Amendment WHEREAS, the City received an application from Robert & Robyn Lamoreaux to amend the City General Plan Land Use Map by changing the land use […]

Ordinance 2018-07

SANTA CLARA CITY ORDINANCE 2018-07   AN ORDINANCE TO ABANDON A LOT LINE AND VACATE AN ASSOCIATED EASEMENT AND ESTABLISH AN EFFECTIVE DATE.  WHEREAS, Petitioners, Marv Wilson and Conley Gali, are petitioning Santa Clara City for approval of abandoning the lot line and vacating the associated easement between two existing lots and creating a new […]

Ordinance 2018-06

SANTA CLARA CITY ORDINANCE NO. 2018-06  AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CITY OF SANTA CLARA OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGETS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2017- 2018; AND ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. WHEREAS, The Utah Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act provides for the governing body an opportunity, at any time during the budget period, to review the individual budgets of […]

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