Commissions & Committees

City Council

The City Council consists of the Mayor and five Council members who are all elected at large. The Mayor and Council members serve staggered four-year terms on a part-time basis. Although the Mayor leads the City Council, this position votes only in the event of a tie. Santa Clara City has a Manager/Council form of government which allows for a full time City Manager and part time Mayor. Elections in Santa Clara City are non-partisan.

Regular City Council Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month. Meetings begin at 5:00 pm and are held in the City Council Chambers of the Santa Clara Town Hall located at 2603 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, UT  84765.

City Council Members

Rick Rosenberg (Mayor)
Jerry Amundsen
Herb Basso
Mary Jo Hafen
Kenneth Sizemore
Jarett Waite

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission includes seven members who review land use issues (including all new development and zoning actions). This is a review and recommending body who sends request for approval back for more information or to the City Council for approval. Commission members are knowledgeable of the Santa Clara City planning and zoning ordinances, local, state and national planning and zoning trends, and issues of technical concern-hillside and soil stability.

The agenda for the Planning Commission is set by the Santa Clara City Building Official and Planning Administrator. The Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Santa Clara Town Hall.  All zone changes and new development must be reviewed by this body and sent on to City Council for approval.

Planning Commission Members

Curtis Jensen (Chair)
Michael Day
Todd Jacobsen
Jason Lindsey
Marv Wilson
Adam Butterfield
James Call
Arlynn Kemp
Todd Olsen (City Engineer)

TRC (Technical Review Committee)

Comprised of all City department heads and key administration members, TRC meetings take place each Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise scheduled. Discussion items generally include land use related issues (including all new zoning and development petitions) that will impact Santa Clara City and Santa Clara City residents.

Submitting TRC Requests
Agenda items must be received by 12:00 PM, Tuesday, the week of the TRC meeting.

TRC Committee Members

Edward O. Dickie III – City Manager
Brock Jacobsen – Office Manager
Jack Taylor – Public Services Director
Dan Nelson  – Fire Chief
Bob Flowers – Police Chief
Brad Hays – Parks Director
Corey Bundy – Building Official
Bob Nicholson – City Planner
Todd Olsen – City Engineer
Linda Van Wert – Recorder

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Heritage & Parks Committee

The Heritage Committee supports the City’s focus on heritage attractions (predominately Santa Clara’s Heritage Square & Historical District ).   The Commission is appointed by the Mayor and includes five members of various expertise.

The Heritage Committee oversees changes in the Santa Clara Historical District.  The Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Santa Clara Town Hall unless otherwise rescheduled and welcomes non committee members to be added to the agenda if they have concerns or suggestions related to a historical nature.

Heritage Committee Members

Mary Jo Hafen, City council Representative
Wendy Basso
Don Graf
Vickie Lasswell
John Grant
Roy Hafen

Shade Tree Committee

The Shade Tree Committee consists of local volunteers interested in the preservation and future planning of Santa Clara’s urban forest.  Decisions made today about our City trees will have an impact far into the future.  The sycamore trees lining Santa Clara Drive are one example of the importance of urban tree planning.  Planted in 1948, many of these beautiful trees are now going into decline and require a replacement plan.

Committee members work to raise the awareness of the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits of trees by planning and conducting annual Arbor Day festivities, conducting occasional workshops and tours, and providing educational literature.  They may also specify the best tree species for City planting and recommend tree selections to residents.  They can nominate trees of historical significance to the Heritage Committee.  They seek funding through grants and donations to ensure that Santa Clara remains a Tree City USA.

Shade Tree Committee Members

Brad Hays (City Rep)
Linda VanWert
Wendy Basso
Lee Hughes
Mathew Web

Economic Development Commission

Consisting of five members, the EDC meets when scheduled by the City Manager (usually on a monthly basis).  The focus of the EDC is to promote economic growth and stability in Santa Clara. Members are actively involved in recruiting new business, supporting existing business, and marketing Santa Clara as a destination for both visitors and residents to shop.

Economic Development Commission Members:
Herb Basso, City Council Representative
Doug Clove
Lance Allred
Rex Oliver (Chair)
Alan Madsen

Neil Walter
Aaron Baker
Brian Graf