Building, Planning & Zoning

We believe the residents and developers of Santa Clara City are entitled to professional, efficient and accurate guidance from trained professionals in the areas of construction, renovation and demolition, and planning of any and all property within the city.

We are committed to provide such assistance to residents and our fellow professionals in a courteous and timely manner. Therefore, the mission statement of the Building/Planning Department shall be to provide knowledge and service regarding local, state and federal building codes and standards in a manner, which supports our commitment to the safety of our residents and to the integrity of the department.

We willingly participate in a program of continuing education and testing in order to keep our staff informed on the latest techniques and requirements within the building trades industry as well as customer service and computer literacy.

In our performance of the duties we will bear witness to the realization of our mission and thereby warrant the respect engendered to our department as professionals with the community we serve.

All Building Permits must be applied for ONLINE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Short-term Rentals allowed in Santa Clara?

Short term rentals have been becoming increasingly popular recently.  Short-term rentals are considered a rental that occurs in a home between the property owner and a renter that only requires the home for one night or up to 29 days of stay. Santa Clara City encourages rentals such as these, however; there are only certain areas within the city that are zoned for the short term or nightly rentals.  The two subdivision development areas that Santa Clara City currently allows for these type of rentals are:  Paradise Village at Zion and Lava Falls at Entrada.   Any home that is in an R-1-10 residential zoned area, is NOT permitted to have a short-term type of rental at that property.   As per Section 17.20.260(A), the Santa Clara City Code states that if a short term rental property takes place outside of the currently allowed zoned areas,  could result in a $750 per day penalty as well as a Class B Misdemeanor $1000 fine. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or visit the Building Department and we would be happy to help with explanations about this ordinance.

How do I request an inspection?

All inspections requests must be made online.

Click the link below to Login to your permit.

New Home Permit

The following documents must be completed and uploaded online before your New Home permit application can be reviewed.

  • Permit Application – Fill out completely, provide subcontractor license #’s.
  • Permit Plans 
  • Permit Engineering
  • Structural Calculations
  • REScheck
  • Soils
  • Release of Liability
  • Construction Site Maintenance Agreement
  • WCWCD – Please fill out application section and email to to request City verification. Completed form must be stamped showing impact fee payment by the WCWCD. Upload complete form to permit application.
  • Truss Layout –  Provide Roof and Floor layouts
  • HVAC/FAU Calculations
  • Notice of Intent – NOI (State Stormwater Application) 
    – (This link will direct you to the State website where you can login to your existing account or create a new one to get your State NOI permit. For further instructions click here.) See Code 13.24
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) – Select a sediment control plan or provide your own. Email completed form to Notice: this form will not be accepted without your State NOI!) See Code 13.24

Pool/Spa Permit

  • Site Plan including the following:
    • Soils Report
    • Lot size and a North arrow;
    • All existing structures on the same property or parcel within twenty feet of any portion of the proposed pool, spa, or water feature;
    • Area of pool/spa/water feature;
    • Locations(s), type of material and height of access barriers;
    • Location and specifications of pool/spa/water feature equipment (including heating, circulating,
      filtering, and water-handling equipment, GCFI outlets);
    • Location and specifications of decking, pool stairs, steps, ladders, recessed treads,
      handrails/handholds, seats and lighting;
    • Location of all glazing within the prescribed distance from the pool deck area and how the glazing
      safety requirements will be resolved;
    • Dimensions, materials, and method of construction;
    • Area and width of deck;
  • Structural Plan prepared by a registered professional civil or structural engineer which includes:
    • Reinforcing steel placement, steel diameter, steel specifications, and steel strength
    • Concrete specifications and strength
  • If pool/spa feature is pre-manufactured, provide:
    • Make
    • Model number
    • Manufacture’s installation instructions
    • Provide ICBO Evaluation Service (ES) Report for pools and IAPMO sp# for spas

Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Requirements

Santa Clara City has ordinances regulating the use and maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The following is a list of requirements (For additional details please refer to City Code of Ordinances.):
Placement of these items on the sidewalks causes sight distance problems for traffic, interferes with pedestrian and wheelchair traffic and can be a liability and a hazard.
If the precise location of the drive approach is unknown, a ramp may be permitted providing it is properly built of wood or metal, allows proper drainage and does not extend onto the asphalt. Example: Two (2) 4X4 wood or steel posts. DIRT and/or DEBRIS are NOT approved materials for ramps. When water flows, dirt and debris in the gutters cause storm drains to plug resulting in flooding of private property and public roadways.
Contractors must follow the City’s design standards when installing drive approaches and sidewalks. Drive approach inspections must be completed by the inspector prior to pouring concrete. Compaction Test Report done by the soils engineer must be on site at time of inspection or received by the City prior to inspection.
A separate encroachment permit must be obtained for the temporary storage of materials, equipment or when work is done within any City right-of-way. This includes, for example, the placement of landscaping, building or fencing materials on City walkways, curbs and gutters or streets, as well as curb or asphalt cuts of any kind and the removal and replacement of sidewalks.
New home construction is not required to have a separate encroachment permit for the drive approach – the compaction test and inspection, however, are still required.

Request Inspections

You may request a building inspection by clicking the link below to login to your permit. MINIMUM 24-HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED!


Username = 17-011 (permit #)

Password = build17-011 (first 5 characters of Builder Name + permit number as stated above)

NOTICE: Contractors & Owner/Builders

Required inspections on new homes, additions, remodels, garages, and any other permitted project that may apply:

1. Footings/Piers – Exterior, Interior and Spot/Column. All steel elevated. Engineered footing designs must have special inspections completed by Engineer
2. Underground Plumbing – prior to covering, water tested
3. Underground Mechanical – prior to covering
4. Electrical Trench – trench open – conduit in place 32″ min. below final grade
5. Slab/Holddowns – all straps/hold-downs in place
6. Foundation Walls – Reinforcing Steel – as per engineer’s plans
7. Sewer and Water Laterals – installed with air or water test
8. Rough Framing – provide truss specs at this time
9. Rough Electrical – installed as per electrical code
10. Rough Mechanical – installed as per mechanical code
11. Rough Plumbing – installed as per plumbing code with air or water test
12. Rough Gas – pressure tested
13. Interior/Exterior Sheer Walls – OSB – as per plans or engineer requirements
14. Insulation – insulation installed with vapor barrier in place
15. Interior Sheetrock- Installed as per manufactures recommendations
16. Lath – after insulation board installed and prior to first coat of stucco
17. Permanent Power (meter set) – system in place ready to use
18. Drive Approach – compaction test done by an engineer, report due at final inspection
19. Shower Pan – installed as per listing requirements
20. Landscaping – installed as per stormwater ordinance 13:24:50
21. Final – house complete, ready for occupancy

Final Certificate of Occupancy Certificates

The following certificates must be ready at time of final inspection:

AAV (Gas)

HVAC Compliance

Stucco Certificate: Provided from installer

Insulation Certificate: Posted at Electrical Panel




Building Permit Documents

Complete Building Permit Packet (New Home Permit) – Contractor

Complete Building Permit Packet (New Home Permit) – Owner/Builder

Complete Building Permit Packet (Accessory Building)

Complete Building Permit Packet (Pool)

Application For A Conditional Use Permit

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fees – Effective Jan. 1st, 2017

Building Permit Fees (Schedule B) – Effective January 1st, 2017

Add-On’s or Detached Structures

Checklist for Building Permit Application

Construction Site Maintenance Agreement


Demolition Permit Application

Roof, Curb and Landscape Drain Requirements

Elevation Certificate

Encroachment Permit – Street or (Fillable PDF)

Excavation & Grading Permit

Fence Permit

Floodplain Development Permit

Hillside Permit

Historic District Design Guidelines

Home Occupation Permit

Land Disturbance Permit & Checklist

Notice of Intent – NOI (State Stormwater Application)
This link will direct you to the State website where you can login to your existing account or create a new one to get your State NOI permit.)

Owner Builder/Developer Hold Harmless Agreement (OBD)

Petition to Abandon a Lot Line

Release of Liability

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Sign Permit

Temporary Building Permit


Climate Design Criteria

Design Criteria for Soil Site Classification

Encroachment Requirements Owner/Builder

FEMA Elevation Certificate & Instructions

Final Inspection Checklist

Gas Sizing Installation Plan

International Fuel Gas Code Appliance Adjustment Verification

Pool/Spa Permit Application Requirements

Site Improvement Requirements

Site Plan Requirements

Historic District Design Guidelines