Saving landfill space will make a significant impact for the area. While the current landfill has many years of use remaining, the value of reducing the current stream of waste to lengthen its life and preserve land space benefits future generations.

This concept of better landfill use was the inspiration behind the naming of BluCan, the BLU standing for Better Landfill Utilization.

When Residents use BluCan, their recyclables will be picked up at their homes every other week, on their normal garbage collection day. Getting yours is easy, your BluCan will be delivered directly to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will BluCan begin? When will my can be delivered?

BluCan containers are scheduled to be distributed to homes by February 1st, 2016. Pick ups will be every other week on the regularly scheduled day for garbage pick-up.

2. Why do I have to pay for this service?

The fee of $3.12 is designed to cover the cost of picking up and transporting your recyclables. This fee also covers administrative costs.

3. What about the Binnie program? Can I still take my recycling there?

Yes. If you choose, you may still drop your recyclables in public bins. Since BluCan is not yet equipped to handle glass, we would encourage residents to deposit glass in the existing bins.

4. Can I opt out of this program? How and when may I opt out?

You are no longer able to opt-out of this program. The opt-out window is closed.

5. If I didn’t opt out during the opt-out window, am I still able to?

No. Once the opt-out window is closed, you will not be able to opt out.

6. What if I move after service begins?

If you move to another home in Santa Clara, you will be automatically enrolled in the BluCan recycling program.

7. If I opt-out, can I change my mind and opt back in to BluCan?

Yes, you can. Just contact your city and they can sign you back up for BluCan with no issues.

8. Why implement BluCan now?

Although our current landfill has many years of life left in it, it is important to reduce the current waste stream now to lengthen its life. Like saving for retirement, the sooner you begin the greater the benefit you’ll get as time goes on. The earlier we begin reducing what is taken to the landfill, the more space we can save.

9. What recyclables can I put in my BluCan?

Each BluCan will have a list of acceptable materials on the lid. Following these guidelines will promote a quicker process and lower costs for processing.

A. Paper (any paper that tears and is not food contaminated); cardboard, magazines, junk mail, phone books, newspaper, etc.

B. Aluminum cans, foil, tin, steel bi-metal cans

C. Plastic containers with these symbols: BluCan Recycling

10. How do I use my BluCan?

Simply place your recyclables (as defined above) in your BluCan – there is no sorting necessary. Your BluCan will hold 94 gallons of recyclables. BluCans are schedule to be picked up every other week on same day as trash service.

11. Who will collect the recycling?

Your recycling will be picked up by Dixie Waste who contracts with Washington County Solid Waste.

12. Will condo and town home communities be participating?

Your HOA has its own regulations. You may already have a recycling bin that serves your community, and there is no reason to discontinue that policy. Complexes that use dumpsters for their waste will be excluded from BluCan, however, if your community uses individual garbage cans then you will be able to participate. For more information, please click on your city’s link above.

13. Is this a government program?

No. BluCan is a public-private partnership between Washington County Solid Waste, Dixie Waste, and your city for the benefit of all residents. This is the most beneficial and cost-effective way to help everyone have a positive impact with the least amount of daily disruption.

14. How will BlueCan affect me?

BluCan makes your life easier while keeping our community beautiful. Just deposit your recyclables into your BluCan and the rest is done for you. No wasting landfill space on materials that can be recycled.

Am I required to have a BluCan at my home?

15. If you don’t want to have the BluCan delivered to your home, you may call the Washington County Solid Waste at (435) 673-2813 to let them know you do not wish to receive a BluCan. However, unless you opted-out of the service during the opt-0ut window, you are required to pay the monthly fee.

For more information, CLICK HERE.