You may fill out form online OR bring in a paper copy to the City Office at 2603 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara UT 84765.

Technical Review Committee (Every Thursday) Approval Required. Application must be submitted by noon on Tuesday prior to the meeting you wish to attend.

Home Occupation Conditional Use Application

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Home Occupation Conditional Use Permit - Floor Plan

In the space below sketch the floor plan of your home. Please indicate the square footage of the entire home and the square footage of each room or area used for the home occupation. Also, show the location(s) of any storage items used in relation to the home occupation. Home occupation business shall be conducted wholly within the dwelling on the premises and shall not exceed 25% of the total floor area. The home occupation shall not occupy any area in the garage unless the garage still functions for parking of at least one vehicle, and as long as two parking spaces for residential use are still available. Please make sure drawing shows complete floor plan of home indicating the space to be used for your home office or other business use. You can find a floor plan on the Washington Co. Assessor website at: https://www.washco.utah.gov/departments/assessor/ Select Assessor Search and search by address or parcel #; then select Account Sketch to print a copy of your floor plan.
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Applicant Provisions & Business License Fee Waiver Request

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I declare under criminal penalty under the law of Utah that the foregoing is true and correct.
I declare under criminal penalty under the law of Utah that the foregoing is true and correct.