Dog Licensing

Dog License Requirements

Santa Clara City Ordinance require that all dogs must be licensed annually. Dog Licenses are available at the Santa Clara Town Hall Office. Please provide a copy of your dogs rabies certificate to show proof of current rabies vaccination at the time of licensing. You can also call to license your dogs as long as we have a copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate.  For dog licensing questions call 673-6712 Ext. 201.

License Tag

The City will issue the owner a certificate and a tag for each animal licensed. The tag shall have stamped thereon the license number corresponding with the tag number on the certificate. The owner shall attach the tag to the collar or harness of the animal and see that the collar and the tag are constantly worn. Failure to attach the tag as required shall be in violation of this chapter, except that animals which are kept primarily for show purposes are exempt from wearing the tag.

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