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Please read the following statement carefully before signing application: I hereby declare the information provided by me in this application to be true and complete. I understand that incorrect information, omissions of fact, or falsification of any information on the application will be grounds for refusal to hire, or if hired, grounds for termination. I authorize the City of Santa Clara to request, receive and verify all information given in this application. If I am employed by the City of Santa Clara, I agree to conform to the policies, rules and regulations governing employment that have been adopted. It is acknowledged that these policies, rules and regulations may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn or added to by the City at any time, at the City’s sole option. As a condition of employment with the City, I will be required to submit to an alcohol and controlled substance screening test. Additionally, if hired, I will abide by the City’s policy regarding the use of drugs and unlawful possession of controlled substances. I will report any conviction under a criminal drug statute to the Human Resources Department within five (5) days of the conviction