Planning & Zoning Administrator / Economic Development Coordinator

Job Title: Planning & Zoning Administrator / Economic Development Coordinator

Division: Administration

Department: Planning

Starting Wage: $ 25.12 – $30.00


Performs a variety of professional, managerial and administrative duties as required to plan organize, direct, and coordinate various city planning, zoning and land use practices.  Assures city‑wide compliance with all ordinances related to building, planning and zoning.  Acts as city Economic Development Coordinator.


Works under general direction of the City Manager.




Planning/Zoning Administrator: Responsible for the overall administration and enforcement of the zoning ordinance; accepts and reviews zoning permit applications; determines compliance with the provisions of the zoning ordinance and state code and completeness of the applications; issues the appropriate land use permit when all provisions of the ordinance are in compliance and maintains a complete file of permits issued; notifies applicant if the proposed use is not in compliance with ordinance standards, and assisted with an appropriate alternative procedure, appeals, or any other administrative remedies necessary to attain compliance; prepares general plan and related plans; performs and recommends plan modifications.

Performs inspection duties to ensure land use changes comply with the zoning ordinance; use of check lists; identifies, inventories, and monitors nonconforming uses. Schedules and conducts Planning and Zoning meetings to report on zoning issues and advise on issues related to zoning administration.  Evening meetings can be expected.

Technical review, site inspections, and makes staff reports to the Planning and Zoning Commission on specific project proposals such as, but not limited to, special use permit applications, conditional use permit applications, zoning amendments, variances, and appeals.

Reviews commercial and residential building permits, plans and specifications to assure compliance with city zoning ordinances; provides signature approval for compliance, denies issuance of permits for non-compliance; cooperates with builders and developers and assists by identifying actions needed to secure compliance.

Review and monitors building setbacks, signs requirements, driveways, parking lots, dumpster utilization and placement and related site compliance concerns.

Develops recommendations regarding zoning amendments, zoning permit fee structures, zoning forms and propose solutions to any problem encountered in administering the zoning ordinance. Coordinates the enforcement of the zoning ordinance with the enforcement of other related land use statutes and codes by active cooperation with other appropriate agencies; testifies, as necessary, at public and judicial hearings

Maintain the zoning, preliminary, and final map, text, and office records up to date by recording all amendments and retaining all official documents; provide zoning ordinances to the public. Assists the general public, developers, and their representatives with zoning inquiries, proposals, and application.

Conducts feasibility studies; does research and evaluates data; prepares a variety of reports related to project progress; reviews and updates ordinances affecting planning, zoning, signs, traffic, development and related departmental areas; assist in coordination of projects with other departments or governmental agencies; makes presentations to explain, interpret and communicate findings.

Attends various annual or periodic training to stay current with industry trends and requirements, i.e., state land use act requirements (LUDMA).

Economic Development: Performs a variety of professional, administrative and technical duties related to planning, organizing, directing and coordinating city-wide economic development. Develops the city’s economic base, including business retention and the building of commercial, industrial and retail sites within the community. Administers the city’s redevelopment programs and initiatives and coordinates the purchase of real property.

Coordinates and monitors, on behalf of the city, all economic development/redevelopment programs with developers, contractors, property owners and other interested parties.

Oversees and implements the city’s long-term economic development strategic plan; generates and nurtures professional working relationships with private developers, realtors, business leaders, banking and financial leaders, economic development professionals, professional and trade associations, state and local government leaders, the Santa Clara Area Chamber of Commerce and other community leaders.

Participates as the city’s representative with the Utah Economic Development Corporation (EDCUtah) and stays abreast of current trends and methods of economic development.

Performs related duties as required.


Educations and Experience:

Graduation from college with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, public administration, or a closely related field;


Four (4) years of professional experience performing above or related duties;


An equivalent combination of education and experience

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Thorough knowledge of State Redevelopment and agency laws and processes including URA, EDA and CDA’s; local government revenue options and taxation, tax rebate programs and tax increment financing; principles and practices related to local planning and zoning;  planning and zoning and subdivision law, theory and application; local government structure and operations, including the budgetary procedures and fiscal management;  research methodology and statistics; federal, state and local uniform building codes and ordinances; abatement of dangerous building code, life safety code; current building construction methods, materials, tools and equipment;  corrective measure common to various aspects of construction. Considerable knowledge of procedures affecting planning, zoning and related operations of the city;  state land use act requirements (LUDMA), principles and practices related to local government planning and zoning, economics, sociology and community organization as applied to urban planning;  planning and zoning and subdivision law, theory and application;  the relationship between factors affecting urban planning policy, such as economic, political, sociological, legal, etc.; local government structure and operations, including the budgetary procedures and fiscal management; research methodology, statistical analysis and evaluation of research data;  land use, zoning, federal, state, and local laws;  interpersonal communication skills.

Skill in public relations and the delivery of public presentation; the art of diplomacy and cooperative problem solving.

Ability to interpret codes accurately and effectively; enforce regulations with fairness, tact, and impartiality; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; prepare and present technical reports;  operate personal computer and various applications (i.e., GIS, AutoCad, MS Word);   perform advanced mathematical calculations;  develop and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, subordinates, and the public; plan and organize comprehensive research studies; prepare and present technical reports; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective relationship with co‑workers, other government entities, the public, and elected officials.

Special Qualifications: None.

Work Environment:

Tasks require a variety of physical activities not generally involving muscular strain.  Occasional minor lifting generally not to exceed 25 lbs. Physical demands may occur in activities related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, etc. Talking, hearing and seeing required in the daily performance of job duties.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, emotional stability and discriminating thinking and creative problem solving.  Periodic travel required in course of performing portions of job functions.

Disclaimer:  The above statements describe the general nature, level, and type of work performed by the incumbent(s) assigned to this classification.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, demands, and skills required of personnel so classified.  Job descriptions are not intended to and do not imply or create any employment, compensation, or contract rights to any person or persons.  Management reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any and/or all provisions of this description at any time as needed without notice.  This job description supersedes earlier versions.

First Review: June 17, 2021