2021 Clean Up Dumpsters

2021 Clean up dumpsters are scheduled for March 5-6, June 4-5, September 10-11, and December 3-4. Watch for notices in the 2021 newsletters on the city website at www.sccity.org.

There will be 3 dumpsters at the Little League Parking Lot and 1 at the Town Hall Parking Lot on the above dates. For large, bulky items like furniture & appliances call Republic Services at 628-2821 to schedule a special pick up. The Landfill holds 2 hazardous waste collection days during the year, find the dates at wcsw.org/household-hazardous-waste/. The St. George Reuse Center located at 575 E. Brigham Rd. accepts removed vegetation and tree limbs for mulching. The Reuse Center phone # is 627-4028.