Santa Clara Glockenspiel

Thank you to everyone who came to the Unveiling Ceremony of our new Glockenspiel! Countless hours and time went in to creating this wonderful piece of art. We hope our residents enjoy this as much as we do; as well as anyone passing through our small town. We are happy to be representing some of the Swiss Heritage of this town.

You can see the figures dance every hour during daytime hours.

READ THE NEWS ARTICLE HERE (Redirected to St. George News)

Unveiling Ceremony

“Residents of the City are receiving a special gift this year as a result of some generous donations from residents and business owners. For many years the City has planned for a traditional Glockenspiel to be installed in the clock tower at Town Hall. This very unique visual art and music feature, typical of public buildings in Europe, is expected to be en-joyed by residents for years to come as well as drawing more tourists and visitors to the historic district downtown in Santa Clara. The concept to honor the Swiss heritage of the community has been discussed by the City Council for the past 15 years and the design for Town Hall re-served a place for it in the clocktower, however it was always considered an extravagance during the budget process and a low priority use of public funds.

The idea never died and now thanks to some dedicated craftsmen and volunteer contractors, the dream is becoming a reality. For those of you like me who didn’t know what a Glockenspiel even was, think of the dancing European figures dressed in traditional Swiss or German clothing who appear from a hid-den door in a cuckoo clock and dance to joyful music when the clock strikes specified times during the day. I remember as a young boy, being mesmerized by my Grandmothers clocks brought home from Germany by my parents serving in the military. The City Council is hopeful the public will be captivated the same way by the newest historic land-mark in the City.”

– Mayor Rick Rosenberg

The Glockenspiel Unveiling Ceremony was on

Monday, September 18th,

to kick off the City’s Annual Swiss Days celebration,

starting at 7:30 pm,

across the street from Town Hall.

2 replies
  1. SugarBear64 says:

    I have seen a sneak peak at the characters & WOW Brings The Kids , Bring Gramma Bring Grampa Too!!
    Everything Detail start to Finish
    Has been made by the People of the Community ❤️

  2. Beverly and Wilford Brimley says:

    1. The Glockenspiel is truly a beautiful piece of art.
    2. The little song ringing through the community just makes us smile. I’m glad we live close enough to hear it from our front porch!
    3. We have always enjoyed showing our beautiful town hall to our visitors! Watching the little figures dance will be such fun now!
    4. What a precious representation of the Swiss community that founded Santa Clara.
    5. What a joy and privilege to live in Santa Clara where pride in heritage is so prevalent.
    6. A big thanks to all who worked so hard to complete this most special project.


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