Job Posting – Accountant III



Santa Clara City is accepting applications for an Accountant III Position.

They will perform a variety of administrative and technical duties as needed to help expedite the day-to-day administrative support operations of the city; including budgeting, purchasing, answering phones, receiving the public, providing customer assistance, cashiering, managing bank accounts and utility accounts.



Accounting: Serves as an advisor to the Finance Director; evaluates programs and services and formulates short and long-term plans to meet needs in finance, accounting, budgeting and purchasing.


Develops financial studies and plans; forecasts, estimates, and monitors the financial condition of the city to assure the fiscal well being of the city; maintains financial records; prepares financial reports. Analyzes financial information detailing assets, liabilities, and capital; prepares balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports to summarize and interpret current and projected financial position.  Prepares financial statements and various schedules for auditing by city auditors.


Maintains internal control procedures and assures that state and national standard accounting practice and procedures are maintained; engages in the posting and reconciliation of ledgers and accounts; Installs, modifies, documents, and coordinates implementation of general accounting systems and accounting control procedures.


Tracks all fixed assets of the city.


Prepares state and Federal reports, including tax reports and returns.


Assists in preparation and input of annual city budget; monitors approved budgetary constraints/appropriations.


Responsible for ensuring adequate record keeping related to bids, requisitions, purchases, and receipt of goods and services.  Audits contracts, orders, and vouchers; prepares reports to substantiate individual transactions prior to settlement.


Processes payroll sheets; inputs and records employee work hours; files time sheets; prepares regular payroll; determines employee earnings, calculates employee withholding (i.e. state taxes, Federal taxes, social security, retirement, and insurance); performs computer entries and operates computer programs to complete payroll process and print payroll checks; maintains computerized payroll records showing employee pay rates, withholding allowances, benefit deductions, and other authorized payroll withholdings; distributes withholdings to various accounts; coordinates and resolves payroll problems and questions; makes Federal withholding tax deposits.


Purchase Orders: Receives requests for purchase authorization according to established department policies and procedures: creates and issues purchase orders; monitors purchases and verifies invoices upon receipt; submits invoices for payment by accounts payable staff; documents purchasing activity in custom software; tracks cash and credit expenditures.


Works closely with the Finance Director to be able to perform the duties of the Finance Director and in the absence of the Finance Director shall be responsible for the duties of the Finance Director.


Serves on the City’s Finance Council Committee and other Committees as assigned.


City Treasurer Duties: Functions in the office of Deputy Treasurer, fulfilling all statutory duties of the office of Treasurer as needed, monitoring bank accounts, signing checks, performing money transfers; making bank deposits, etc.


Acts as custodian of bonds and securities, and maintains accurate and detailed account of the same; authorizes payment of bonds and interest coupons until fully paid; assures proper filing of canceled bond coupons; collects special taxes and assessments


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Considerable Knowledge of municipal investment practices and options; laws and regulations governing receiving, accounting, and investment of municipal funds; city utility billing procedures; municipal and uniform accounting principles, practices, and procedures; bond requirements and special district procedures; municipal organizations and department operations including applicable laws and regulations; the Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act and Money Management Act; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); internal control principles and methods of application.


Working knowledge of municipal accounting principles and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), practices and procedures; internal control principles and methods of application; Caselle accounting system; Caselle and ITRON radio meter reading systems: general office maintenance and practices; computer accounting applications and various software programs; personal computer based software programs that support this level of work, including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics; sufficient math skills to perform financial and statistical record keeping, requires well-developed knowledge of proper English usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation to prepare professional correspondence; operation of standard office equipment; mathematics related to investment and finance; interpersonal communication skills and telephone etiquette; public relations.


Skill in the operation of desktop or laptop computers, various software applications; the art diplomacy and cooperative problem-solving.


Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; analyze a variety of financial problems and make recommendations; analyze complex accounting problems and make standard adjustments; work quickly and accurately with numbers; perform advance mathematical computations; prepare spreadsheets, graphs, and charts; enter, import, and export data to and from databases; plan, organize, and prioritize work to meet schedules and timelines; work as contributing member of a team, work productively and cooperatively with other teams and external customers, and convey a positive image of the city and its services.; operate various types of office equipment such as adding machine, fax machine, computer, etc.; work under time pressures in meeting deadlines; operate reports and records, charts and graphs; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public.



  1. Education and Experience


  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance from an accredited institution.


  1. Three (3) to four (4) years of progressively responsible experience directly related to above duties.


  1. An equivalent combination of education and experience.


Pay depending on experience.

Applications may be found on the City website at or picked up at the City Office located at 2603 Santa Clara Drive.

Please submit applications by fax (435) 628-7338 or email to, or drop off at the City Office to Chris Shelley.

Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Monday May 2, 2018.